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About MOD APK version Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: You can purchase Tokins and Cash completely free even if you do not have enough Gems.

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Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Free Shopping) is an idle game for mobile devices and tablets. during this game, you’ll be the owner of a facility that produces, manages and distributes marijuana for medical purposes. Of course, your company is totally legal and locally licensed.

About Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

In previous idle games, we managed a mine in Idle Miner Tycoon, a smartphone company in Smartphone Tycoon, but have you ever ever tried to manage a marijuana factory?

Grow your factory

In Weed Inc, your job is to manage all the operations of a cannabis factory from planting, harvesting, producing, processing them into medicines then selling them to customers. you begin a business from San Francisco , then you’ll expand your market to ny , l. a. or Denver.

The game may be a great simulation of the event of technology. Planting, harvesting and these jobs require a sophisticated process and an extended time, but Weed Inc does everything quickly and conveniently because of modern machines.

You must follow a typical cycle of this game. First, you would like to pick a weed species and plant it during a fixed place. After the weeds are often harvested, you’ll harvest them and drop them on the chain. These amount of weeds is delivered to a bottling machine and may be sold to customers. After having some money, you’ll unlock new weeds like GrandDaddy Purple, Gorilla Glue or Krunk Skrunk.


Like other idle games, Weed Inc features a relatively simple design, easily causing sympathy for players. The game’s options are clear and straightforward to know . i used to be very impressed with the way they designed characters and plants. Each character has its own characteristics, you’ll even remember each employee’s name.

Hire your employees

Since Weed Inc is an idle game, you ought to hire staff liable for each stage of the factory rather than doing everything yourself. After having some money, you’ll hire a harvester employee, a factory manager or an experienced salesperson. Good employees will assist you earn extra money , but reciprocally , you’ve got to pay them more.

You may be in an “unemployed” state after just a couple of hours of playing because your employees automatically do everything within the factory. Your task is to only sit there and watch the cash automatically fall under your pocket. When you’re free, keep touching employees in order that they work harder.

Expand the business market

In this game, everything revolves around three unlocking, working and upgrading. As a boss, you would like to upgrade properly and find ways to develop your factory. once you feel your city is just too small, expand your business to other cities. Innovating locations helps you discover many new customers and develop the company’s reputation.

Besides, don’t forget to upgrade your machinery. Everything must be upgraded evenly, avoiding the very fact that you simply harvest an excessive amount of weed, but your machine doesn’t continue bottled, making too many weeds were left.

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