Nobody likes to roll out a hotfix just a week after the release, but sometimes there’s no other choice. We took this opportunity to not only fix the problem but also to update the CoreLibs filtering engine and make a handful of other useful changes.

[Fixed] AdGuard does not restart after auto-pause on older Android devices

Turned out, on some older devices (Android 6 and older) AdGuard didn”t restart after the protection got paused automatically (say, on the network state change). This affected a large enough portion of AdGuard users to justify an immediate update.

  • [Changed] Localizations has been updated

  • [Fixed] An error occurring during the license activation

  • [Fixed] Expiring certificate issue on 32-bit Android devices

  • [Improved] Upgrade CoreLibs to 1.1.53


Optimized graphics and cleaned resources for fast load < improved result (8.58 MB total apk size)
Based on Premium version
Encrypted all resources
Languages: En, Ru


AdGuard could be a distinctive no root ad blocker for robot that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps
Easy to line up and find going, however powerful Associate in Nursingd extremely customizable — it’s everything you’ll ever would like from an robot adblock tool, and it works each on frozen and unrooted devices.
Why select AdGuard?
Blocks ads all over
Block throughout the total system. This includes video ads and ads in your favorite apps, browsers, games, and on any web site you’ll be able to imagine. Dozens of ad filters area unit obtainable to you and area unit updated on a daily basis, guaranteeing the most effective filtering quality.
Cares concerning your privacy
We worth the privacy of your personal information on top of anything. With AdGuard, you may be safe from on-line trackers and analytics systems that lurk on the net attempting to steal your sensitive info.
Saves your traffic
More ads blocked suggests that fewer ads loaded. Fewer ads loaded suggests that additional traffic saved. simple arithmetic by AdGuard! transfer the apk file, install the app and pay your traffic on stuff you like rather than wasting it on voracious ads.
You keep au fait
It is your device, after all, and you choose what gets filtered and what doesn’t. a good vary of settings — from basic to ‘pro’ — further as Associate in Nursing Apps Management tool can assist you customise the filtering to your feeling.
What is the distinction between AdGuard Content Blocker and AdGuard for robot?
The distinction is big. Content blockers generally aren’t solely restricted to specific (and few) browsers, however area unit abundant less potent in terms of ad fighting tools they need at their disposal. AdGuard for Android, being a standalone app, will block ads all told browsers and even in alternative apps, and therefore the filtering quality is most higher.
Why is AdGuard for robot not within the Google Play Store?
Google contains a terribly peculiar policy towards ad blockers live Store. Basically, it means any app that may block ads across the device isn’t allowed there, deed flimsy content blockers because the solely choice. AdGuard has been off from the Play Store further.
What’s the distinction between free and Premium versions of AdGuard for Android?
While the free version is great at removing ads from browsers, it doesn’t filter alternative apps’ traffic. It conjointly doesn’t have the Safebrowsing feature.
I will still see ads in some apps and on some websites. What do I actually have to do?
Most probably, you wish to change the HTTPS filtering. heaps of ads area unit loaded via HTTPS, and AdGuard is capable of obstruction them, too. attend Settings –> HTTPS Filtering and switch it on. the opposite issue to try and do is to form positive you utilize the ‘High quality’ filtering mode (Settings –> Advanced).
Do i want root access?
No, it’s not necessary. not like several alternative ad blockers, AdGuard will add VPN mode, that lets it to dam ads even on non-rooted devices.
Сan i exploit a special VPN app in conjunction with AdGuard?
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to run 2 VPNs at identical time on robot, however there area unit some ways that to avoid this limitation. If your device is frozen, or if you simply care concerning obstruction ads in wireless local area network networks, you’ll be able to switch AdGuard to proxy mode and let the other app to use VPN. to boot, some VPNs permit the employment of upstream proxy (e.g., PIA VPN, Nord VPN) — check if your specific VPN provides this feature.
AdGuard for robot provides you with reliable and manageable protection. AdGuard removes all the annoying ads from sites and applications, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and doesn’t permit anyone to trace your activities on the net. AdGuard stands out against its analogues, because it will work either in hypertext transfer protocol proxy or VPN mode.

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