Happy Holidays, Capitalists! Here’s what’s new in 8.6.0:

- The 12 days of Christmas bundles have returned! Each day starting December 14th, a new bundle with a bonus FREE gift will be available!
- Like & Subscribe! Check out “Help and Social” to visit the AdVenture Capitalist Youtube Channel.
- Other minor optimizations.

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MOD APK AdVenture Capitalist Info:

  • Unlimited Money

How to get unlimited money?

The MOD version will solve all your financial problems by giving you lots of money. When you want to have money, go to Upgrade -> Shop -> Choose to buy any item. You can buy them absolutely for free, then your gold will go up.

Notes: – Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

AdVenture Capitalist (MOD Unlimited Money) may be a game suitable for business lovers and likes to form many money. Become a billionaire quickly by investing properly. The Android version of the sport first appeared in 2014. Later, versions for iOS, Windows, PlayStation 4 and Linux were released successively .

Have you ever dreamed of building your own business? This game is that the fastest way for you to try to to that. Even your company can grow quite Google and Facebook if you recognize the way to invest properly. Start with the lemon shop. Each of your lemons sells for $ 1. After earning profits, you’ll open more stores and see your money increase exponentially.

Not only sell lemon, but you’ll also open a store selling popular food and drinks like pizza, wine, hamburgers, KFC, … After achieving a 1 trillion dollar profit, you’ll expand your business area to Jupiter or Mars.

Hiring employees

Your company will perform better if it’s good decentralization and forms a strict system. the amount of stores you’ve got increased means you can’t do everything yourself.

When you feel an excessive amount of work has got to be done, hire more staff. they’re going to be liable for each different job, ensuring your store is working continuously, thereby earning tons of possible profits.

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