1. Added L/R audio balance control to EQ settings
2. Fixed some phantom start issues

MOD APK version of Anime Music Radio

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With Anime Music Radio, you'll enjoy Japanese Anime, Pop, Rock soundtrack anywhere, anytime. the appliance always plays the music at the very best quality, helping you relax and relax together with your favorite tunes. it might be best if you used headphones for a far better music listening experience.

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Anime Music Radio MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is an important application for those that love anime, allowing you to enjoy unlimited anime music through online radio stations.

About Anime Music Radio

What is Anime Music Radio?

Currently, Anime is becoming one among the favored movie genres round the world. Japanese animated films have many beautiful lessons and philosophies about friendship, love, solidarity, never abandoning . does one love movies like Dragon Ball or Naruto? Besides, the opening and ending songs for every episode also are loved by everyone. Each movie usually has many episodes, like many songs. Therefore, some radio channels have gathered those songs and played them 24 hours each day , so as to assist people enjoy anime songs anywhere, anytime.

Anime Music Radio is an application that gives music streaming services, including Japanese anime music radio stations. during this app, you’ll find quite 100 online radio stations that are broadcast 24/7, satisfying the entertainment needs of anime fans. This application is developed by Maxim Kabluka, a Russian developer, specializing in audio applications for the Android platform.

How does Anime Music Radio work?

To help users easily access the radio channel containing their favorite songs, Anime Music Radio has compiled all the anime music channels and displayed them on the house screen. you only got to touch your favorite channel to enjoy it. The radio channels are sorted by genre, including Anime OST, J-POP, J-ROCK … It works almost like mobile music players, so i feel it’s not difficult to use this app.

All music played on the Anime Music Radio radio is under license in order that you’ll enjoy your favorite anime music of the very best quality (32bit). Easily create your own playlist. Of course, there are some songs you would like to concentrate to over and once again , so it’s an honest idea to feature them to a playlist to play whenever you drive.

These radio stations don’t require high internet speeds, so you’ll enjoy your favorite radio stations while driving to areas with weak internet connections. you’ll also open the buffer in order that the appliance automatically saves the played radios, allowing you to concentrate thereto again when offline.

Besides, you’ll find other online radiator on internet, then play it by adding URL to Anime Music Radio easily.

Some outstanding features

History list

You hear an honest song, but you don’t know what song you hear because you hear it in shuffle mode. don’t worried! you’ll access the History list to concentrate to the radio stations you’ve got listened to again.

Sound equalizer

This is a feature that shows Anime Music Radio is extremely curious about the audio experience of users. You know, the frequency range of a rock song goes to vary from a ballad. If only one waveband is employed for all songs, some unsuitable songs become lacking emphasis, not reaching the listeners’ emotions. Through the audio equalizer, you’ll customize the frequency ranges of the output sound, making songs more emotional and intense.

Sleep timer

You can schedule the appliance to shut automatically once you are asleep, otherwise you can’t turn it off.

Driving mode

Listening to the radio is one among the few ways to possess fun while driving because you would like to remain focused. Driving mode will assist you hear your favorite Anime music while not got to do many things when trying to regulate the song.

Share your favorite songs via social networks

If you wish a particular song, you’ll share it through social networks linked to Anime Music Radio like Facebook, Twitter.

What’s new within the latest version?

4.6.8 version
Added L/R audio balance control
Fixed some phantom start issues


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