Ver 2.2.100 Update

◆Main Story
・Added Part 2 Volume 2

・Added the new character Kikyo
・Nikeh (Another Style) is encounterable
・Fateful Encounter is available (Paid, 1 Time Only)
・Fateful Encounter: Another Style Series is available (Paid, 1 Time Only)

◆Added the following system
・Added straw dummy cultivation

◆The following issues were fixed:
・Some writing mistakes
・Other small bugs

Another Eden (MOD Invincible, EXP, Money) – This is a JRPG for iOS and Android released by Wright Flyer Studio in April 2017 in Japan. After that, the game was released worldwide. A version for Nintendo Switch is also being planned. If you don’t know, WFS is also the developer of Memoria Freese, so it can be seen that the two games have a similar style and character design. I like anime-style games because these games often have nice graphics, cute characters, and deep stories. This game is no exception. Moreover, music is extremely great for you to enjoy.

The story

Another Eden’s content revolves around the story of the brothers Aldo and Feene. The brothers were found by an old man in the forest, no one knew who their parents were. From an early age, Aldo and Feene showed exceptional abilities that were not available to ordinary people. Aldo can open a door of time travel, and Feene has the ability to make people around hibernate. However, they still cannot control their power.

In the year they are 16 years old, an event occurred. The demon king Cyrus has captured Feene with the goal of wiping out humanity, bringing him up to dominate the world. In an attempt to despair because he was unable to rescue his sister, Aldo opened a portal of time that made him and all demonic army fall into the future 800 years later. Join Aldo in the journey to fight and rescue his sister.

Turn-based role-playing game

Although a role-playing game, Another Eden is a turn-based attack game. In a match, you choose a skill or attack, and then your character will perform. Damage is caused according to the strength your character possesses. Therefore, tactics are an important factor. You need to choose the characters that match the enemies you face.

Another Eden brings you the experience of a console game. There is no automatic mode, you have to do everything yourself. Mission system and enemies are designed in-depth by the game. Currently, the game has no PvP mode yet. But there are many things to make you return to the game every day, such as a mission system or login gift.

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Another Eden has 3D graphics, but the gameplay style is similar to 2D graphic RPGs. Graphics, characters designed in cute Anime style with bright colors. The story is written by master writer Masato Kato. Besides, composer Mitsuda Yasunori is responsible for more than 60 songs in the game.

Adventure beyond time and space

When playing Another Eden, you will accompany Aldo to fight the evil army, rescue his sister and destroy the plan of Cyrus demon. On the way to rescue Feene, you will meet other knights and warriors. They will be your companions. However, be careful. This is a completely strange world, so not everyone is trusted.

Another Eden is a scrolling role-playing adventure game. Basically, your mission is to destroy the evil people that appear, continue to adventure and confront others. The plot will take you on an adventure in a vast world. A lot of interesting things await you in this game.