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Bad North: Jotunn Edition may be a strategy game with nice graphics and interesting content for Android. The battles are quite short and typically only last about one minute. you'll quickly see the results of your tactics as soon because the war progresses. Which strategy is basically effective? Where should this unit be located? These are some questions that you simply got to answer if you would like to travel further during this game.

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Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK may be a game of strategy genre, including tower defense elements. the sport costs $ 5.49 on Google Play, you’ll download the first APK file and therefore the MOD version of the sport via the links below the article.

About Bad North: Jotunn Edition

If you’re trying to find a technique game with fresh and exciting gameplay, you ought to try Bad North: Jotunn Edition. Raw Fury released it, a well known Indie game publisher that developed Kingdom Two Crowns and Kingdom: New Lands.

The story

The game takes place during a kingdom located on an island within the middle of the ocean . When humans were leading a peaceful life, the Vikings came and destroyed everything. They captured and killed the king of the dominion , causing the place to become chaotic and isolated. because the ultimate descendant, you’ll need to lead the military to fight, protect your homeland and therefore the people from invasion.


Bad North: Jotunn Edition has straightforward gameplay. In it, you’ll send soldiers to the islands to repel Viking enemies trying to invade. If you win, you’ll receive bonuses, reinforcements, equipment, and items wont to upgrade.

Overall, this game’s battles are sort of a short campaign, but it’s subtle and filled with fun. You arrange groups of soldiers in many locations on the island to make a solid defense wall. this is often a prerequisite to assist you defeat the aggressive Vikings. have you ever ever played Plant vs. Zombie? The mechanism of action of Bad North: Jotunn Edition is analogous . When soldiers detect an enemy, they’re going to automatically attack with none impact.

The real problem happened because the island got wider. First, your forces are limited. Second, the enemy becomes more numerous and diverse. they’re going to land ashore quickly, then look for buildings and residents to destroy. At that point , you would like to focus and quickly come up with reasonable strategies. Move troops to the world the enemy is close to land in to destroy them. likelihood is that , multiple groups of enemies will attack directly . it might be best if you reinforced troops or temporarily gather troops to guard some important areas.

Four difficulty levels with many challenges

Initially, the sport has three difficulty levels to settle on from, including easy, medium, and difficult. For beginners and inexperienced, play from a simple level, then gradually increase to higher levels. Once past the third level, the very difficult level are going to be unlocked. Challenges in level 4 increase rapidly, requiring the player tons of experience and knowledge to make an optimal strategy. I can reveal some tips through my playing experience.

First, you ought to not bring the soldiers too on the brink of the shore, where the enemy is close to land. they’re going to be stunned by the impact of the boat, which is one among the explanations why your army dies quickly. this is often really a subtle point that you simply won’t find in the other game.

Second, the archer’s range depends on the altitude. Therefore, it’s not good to sometimes position the archer too high to avoid attack from the enemy.

In the end, larger houses healed and healed units faster. you ought to consider upgrading your army units and upgrading buildings to guard your army.

Military units

As time passes, new content unlocks, including ones for you and your enemies.

Originally, swordsmen were the sole sorts of soldiers available. on the other hand you’ll summon archers and pikemen. These units can unleash their full potential when placed within the right position. that creates Bad North: Jotunn Edition a troublesome strategy game. However, once you understand each sort of unit’s attack methods, you’ll use their ability to make a plus over the enemy. Archers have a far range, Pikemen possess long and powerful weapons to destroy enemy shields, and swordsmen are the foremost agile and versatile unit.