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Download Bee Factory for Android (MOD APK)

Notes: Please select a link to download Bee Factory for free. You can choose the MOD (Unlimited Money) version.

Bees are considered to be the most industrious workers on earth, symbolizing unite in labor. They work all day long to make honey, build honeycomb and raise all the hive. Although the amount of bile is too large, they never allow themselves to become lazy and continue to work relentlessly. Based on that inspiration, the publisher Green Panda Games has developed the game Bee Factory (MOD Unlimited Money) – an idle game for mobile devices and tablets. The idea of the game is great but using pictures of hard-working bees to build an idle game is so funny.

Construction of honey factory

The idle game is a very popular game because it gives players a sense of satisfaction when they see their project gradually being completed. Besides, you do not have to do much, sometimes you just need to order and then your virtual workers continue to work according to what you ask. In the idle games that I have introduced before, you have managed an information technology company in Game Dev Tycoon, building a tower in Idle Apocalypse, in this game you will be a queen bee, managing bees in your hive. Winter is coming, bees must store enough honey needed, can you help all the bees survive the cold winter?

Bee Factory has quite simple gameplay like an infinite loop. At first, you will create some bees. They will automatically work to produce a good amount of honey. Then you can sell the honey to get some money for the upgrade. When you level up, you will be unlocked new bees. And so you have a huge “natural honey factory” that can supply enough honey for the whole planet. It sounds boring, but in fact, I feel quite comfortable seeing the bees working hard. Maybe because honey is my favorite dish.

Another interesting thing about Bee Factory is that while you’re offline, the bees are still working on the game. You will enjoy your honey the next time you open the game.

How to speed up of production

In addition to upgrading production lines and unlocking bees, swiping your production line from side to side is also an effective way to double the rate of honey production. Also, if you notice any bees showing signs of laziness, touch them so they focus and work faster.

In other games, I often find it annoying when the ad appears but in Bee Factory, advertising is a great way to speed up the production of honey. Each time you click on Watch video, you have the opportunity to receive x2 or x4 production speed in five minutes. The yellow bees can bring you a huge amount of honey. Take advantage of them to make as much money as possible.

Unlock new bees

In fact, there are many species of bees such as honey bees, bumblebee bees, etc. In Bee Factory, you can select and unlock hundreds of different bee species. Each time you increase 5 levels, you get a new bee. After upgrading your hive to level 30, you can unlock new bees each level. Of course, new bees are better than older bees.


The graphics of Bee Factory are nothing special. The game is based on a simple, lightweight 2D graphics platform. The simulation of the honey factory is also quite interesting, suitable for players who want to find a leisure game.

Bee Factory is an idle game “only reward, no penalty”. The game is suitable for all ages, including children. Do you want to manage a honey factory for yourself? Download the game to your phone via the links below this article and join with us today. This game is free for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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