Hey, you monkeys! Benji Bananas has an ALL NEW UPDATE to keep you swinging from vine to vine.

Explore the jungle with improved game mechanics and design.

MOD APK version of Benji Bananas

MOD feature

Unlimited Bananas: You have lots of bananas.

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Benji Bananas promises to be a particularly attractive and interesting game if you're trying to find an adventure game. What are you waiting for? Please download this game to assist the small monkey Benji adventure through the damaging forests!

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In the game Benji Bananas MOD APK, our monkey Benji has an enormous problem when his girlfriend is craving delicious bananas. Let’s follow Benji through the risks to gather many bananas!

About Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas is an endless runner game developed by the publisher Animoca Brands. the sport was launched on January 30, 2018. Currently, the sport has received quite 50 million downloads on Google Play. during this game, players will follow monkey Benji in an endless adventure to earn many bananas for his girlfriend. you’ll need to help Benji overcome obstacles by running, jumping, and swinging on tall branches.

How to play Benji Bananas?

Benji will run forward, with whenever you hold your finger on the screen, it’ll automatically swing on the closest rope. once you releash your hand, the monkey will fly to a particular height counting on how long you hold the screen. The laws of physics are still utilized in the sport , for instance , once you let Benji fly high then wait until it’s very low to swing the rope, it’ll fly off quite distance from normal.

When Benji falls to the bottom , Benji will faint and you’ll need to stop the sport . So keep Benji up for as long as you can!

Explore the forest

On his adventure path, Benji will experience countless different terrains, along side famous landmarks like Mayan temple ruins, Niagara Falls or the Amazon jungle, … Benji also will face tough challenges when evil animals are always lurking to place him in dangerous situations. Always get on the lookout to assist Benji avoid those dangers!

Play with friends

Currently, the sport features a new game mode, allowing you to play together with your friends on an equivalent phone screen. There are 3 modes that you simply can choose between when playing 2 people: Girl Race, Fruit Race and Last To Fall. Each mode will have different gameplay and its own fun for you to explore.


Benji Bananas is an academic game that’s extremely suitable for youngsters . Children will discover a stimulating world with different animals, along side them they’re going to learn more about the names, characteristics, and shapes of the many animals.


The graphics of the sport won’t disappoint you when the extremely groomed and soft lines make the entire game appear as if a exit of a cartoon for youngsters .

The sound is additionally very excellent when the sound effects of the sport are realistic. The cries of birds, the roar of tigers or the rustling of leaves have all contributed to explain the tropical jungle characteristics.

Upgrade the facility of Benji

During the journey, players got to collect many bananas to be ready to upgrade Benji’s power. There are many skills that you simply can upgrade, like dressing the monkey during a suit to assist him fly within the sky for extended or improving his jumping ability in order that Benji can fly faster and better with each jump. additionally to those permanent upgrades, players can choose between one-time skills, including:

  • Head Start: A gorilla, Benji’s friend will help with the early game movement speed booster for him.
  • Tiger Smack: Hit a tiger before it attacks Benji. With this skill, Benji can jump straight in without fear of eating by the tiger.
  • Snake Oil: NIf Benji accidentally hold wrong with … a snake, then this skill will prevent him from slipping and still jump as usual.
  • Extra Life: Benji will continue to get up and run after falling.
  • Rocket Boost: A rocket will launch Benji forward each time a new level starts.


Game developers are very keen on giving Benji tons of various outfits. Now, players are going to be liberal to choose a glance for his or her monkey. you’ll wear glasses, change hairstyles or mask for Benji. along side that are full body costumes like ninja, Indians, Pharaoh.

If you’re a female player and need something more feminine then you absolutely can choose Benji’s girlfriend character. Like Benji, his girlfriend also has many gorgeous and delightful outfits. However, to be ready to use this character, you would like to spend a reasonably sizable amount of bananas!