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As we all know, the foremost anticipated mobile version of Black Desert – Black Desert Mobile APK opened for download this year in Korea. and therefore the more exciting thing is that the sport is meant to expand the impact to the international market this year.

2018 is that the year of the graphics and gameplay game that different from the remainder of the planet . this is often also the year when tons of PC games are transformed into mobile platforms, like Tera, Blade & Soul, and therefore the latest Black Desert Online. Black Desert Online is one among the foremost beautiful MMORPGs on the PC.

Basically, when playing the sport , players are going to be transformed into one among the five main classes: Valkyrie, Witch, Ranger, Warrior, Giant. These characters are extremely expressive, and help players easily guess the feature of every character.

The play of Black Desert Mobile features a certain difference, is that the highlight that creates this game create their own charm. With a non-target mechanism almost like the PC version, combined with variety of special skills that need the player to focus on the target (like Blade and Soul), along side jumping, dodging, will bring fierce battlefields with a crazy pace that you simply hardly find in other mobile game products.

Black Desert Mobile has a great graphics platform thanks to the optimization as possible, the game also uses Engine technology has been applied successfully beyond the expectations on the Black Desert PC version. Not only that, this MMORPG is also adding some content dedicated to the mobile platform, so players can look forward to the new experience completely different and unexpected.