Support PDF conversion into Word, Excel and PPT

About MOD version CamScanner

Why is the MOD version needed?

CamScanner offers many powerful features but they are not free. You will have to pay $ 4.99/month or $ 49.99/year to unlock the whole thing. That’s why you should use the MOD version of APKDOWNLOAD. It’s free.

MOD features

  • Unlocked all the advanced features of the Premium version.

  • The PDF files have no watermark.

  • Upload Evernote/SkyDrive indefinitely.

  • No ads.

  • High-quality scanning.

How to install the MOD version

  1. To successfully install the Premium version, you need to download both files below (including an APK file and a License file).

  2. Install both files.

  3. Open any one of the two Camscanner Icons.

  4. If you see the message to unlock all features successfully, you can hide the Icon of either version and use as usual.

Download CamScanner MOD APK

CamScanner is one among the very best rating apps I’ve ever known. It reaches 4.8/5 stars with quite 2,000,000 votes from users. For the foremost part, some reviews of 4 stars or lower are thanks to the user using the free version, so there's a billboard appearance and makes their experience not specialized .

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

CamScanner Premium MOD APK is one among the leading document scanning applications provided by INTSIG Information. Here, you’ll download and knowledge the complete feature of this app without paying any extra fee.

About CamScanner

Today, there’s tons of text within the sort of images or paper. When someone wants to require the content or edit it, they need to retype the text manually so it takes tons of your time , especially text that’s several pages long. Understanding this problem, INTSIG Information launches a product called CamScanner to assist your work become easier. you only got to put the camera ahead of the documents and that they will automatically be converted into text on your phone. Quick, simple and useful is what this app can bring.

A smart scanner

Currently, there are quite few applications for scanning and converting text, but integrated AI technology remains not really powerful. to not mention the standard issues, their performance is merely average and sometimes encountering slightly more complex documents, like special borders or special fonts, it’ll cause errors. CamScanner isn’t in these cases. you’ll scan paper documents or images quickly and easily . It intelligently recognizes words and delivers perfect scanning performance. you’ll even convert a picture in seconds while retaining an impeccable, sharp, picture quality. Not only that, but CamScanner also supports color editing. you only got to drag to the proper of the screen and choose a version you would like.

Ability to share

After scanning and converting, you’ll share the output to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or send them via SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, or Line. just in case your friends and colleagues haven’t any internet, you’ll also share them via Bluetooth connection. It convenient, right?

Document quality after scanning

The second aspect is about quality. CamScanner stands out from other applications of this sort . Text and pictures are converted very sharp with a high resolution. it’ll be difficult to seek out minor errors like redundant ink details. you’ll use and verify directly, or read user reviews on Google Play.

Should you use the Premium version?

If you would like a better demand, you ought to use the premium version for more powerful tools. Regarding the space for storing i discussed earlier, it’ll be expanded to 10GB, rather than the default 200MB. These ads are removed. Besides, it supports the book-scanning mode.

If you would like to convert your book into a Docx or PDF file, it’s easy. For people that work with documents like me often, I’m proud of the digital signature feature. I can add my signature to my documents (excel, PowerPoint or PDF). Even, I can delete the digital signatures of others. additionally , there are many other features like HD quality scanning, ID scan mode, creating infinite folders (in the free version, only three folders are often created during this app), image conversion into excel files and more.

Ability to store and sync

As for space for storing , you’ll reserve it on your phone memory or use the Cloud Space that the developer provides for free of charge . However, you simply have 200MB. If you simply save text files like Docx, excel, this is often quite comfortable. But if you would like more photo storage, you ought to use the Premium version to expand up to 10GB. Next, the appliance has the power to synchronize and automatically upload files during a folder. You set it up, then log into any third-party space for storing supported by this app like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Evernote. So, wherever you’re , from any device, you’ll still access your documents.