- Minor tweaks and bug fixes

About MOD APK version of Car Merger

MOD Features

All Cars Unlocked: You can buy high-end vehicles without reaching the required level.

Premium Unlocked: All in-game ads have been removed.

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You will have a stimulating start in Car Merger. However, then , you'll notice some limitations.

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Car Merger MOD APK (Unlocked All) is an exciting entertainment game released by Voodoo. This game simulates the very fact that you simply combine two cars to urge a more modern car.

About Car Merger

At the beginning of the sport , you’ll transform into a wealthy parking zone boss with an enormous parking zone which will delay to 4 cars. A crazy idea flashed in your eyes. It’s a mixture of two cars of an equivalent type that evolves into a more modern car and frees up the parking zone . But this crazy idea came true when Voodoo developed this fun game.

When your parking zone is simply one car, your task is to urge it on the track and run to the finishing line . When the car reaches the destination, you’ll receive a sufficient amount of cash to shop for new cars for your parking zone . And your task is to continue the work of “evolving” your car until you become a really wealthy person .

Car Merger gameplay

The funny thing is that once you try the business during this game, you never lose. By combining two cars, they’re going to become a more modern car. And once you bring them to the racetrack, the rewards are going to be greater and enough for you to shop for new cars for your parking zone . Or, in other words, the car business in Car Merger isn’t a hole.\


Many people judge the graphics of this game regrettable . However, i personally think that we will not demand a pleasant graphics for a game too simple. Its purpose is to wait , and you ought to not worry about its graphics. It’s fun to play!

Some features

  • Get 10% bonus when the track is full
  • Crate Drops: Free car every day
  • Sound: The game has added sound effects, car sounds and sounds are fun.
  • Many new places: The game takes you across multiple countries, including Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese & Russian

The car system is extremely diverse

Have you ever wondered what proportion time you’ll pack a car? consistent with Voodoo, the amount of vehicles during this game is extremely varied, so you’ll comfortably merger your car without fear about the “exhausted car” to lump. the amount of vehicles within the game are often up to many thousand, and to urge the foremost modern car, will probably be a really difficult challenge for you.

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