- Release new functions:
+ Revolution System
+ Rename System
- New Energy Shop
- Release new Drones:
+ 1 Halloween Drones
+ 6 Special Drones
- Release many new themes of Costumes.
- Release 3 new Limited Events.
- Update new UI of Item previews.
- Optimize and balance the game.

About MOD APK version of Cyber Fighters

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Gold

  • Unlimited Souls

  • Unlimited Stamina

Download Now for Android Cyber Fighters MOD APK

Cyber Fighters is one of the highly entertaining Hack n Slash games with interesting content that you should play to relax. Detroit, along with its dark forces, are still there.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

With Cyber Fighters MOD APK version (Unlimited Gold/Souls), you have tons of cash to buy for free of charge equipment and skill upgrades. Download the sport via the link below the article..

About Cyber Fighters

ZITGA may be a publisher with a “Bring the enjoyment to everyone” view. they’re doing just fine because the Stickman series is well-loved by players, with many many downloads.

And Cyber Fighters, a replacement publication by ZITGA, a fast-paced hack-n-slash game is additionally achieving an equivalent success. it’s gaining 4.4 rating points from gamers on Google Play with 1 million downloads during a short time.

The Plot

Cyber Fighters takes place first in North America after the Third World war ended. The territory is split into five parts, intersecting within the city of Detroit.

In Detroit, when agreements between nations fail, the town becomes anarchic. Riots are everywhere, and therefore the worst is all the criminals will exile here. Detroit is believed to be the most important solitary prison within the world, holds many dark forces, the place is accessible but impossible to exit.

You, a Cyber warrior have also saved to the present place. you’ve got two options, either to be the boss, or be the prey of Detroit.


Cyber Fighters begin with cutting-edge scenes. You, along side your character, fight against many enemies in each round, with the aim of getting to the ultimate round to defeat the demon lord. Then, the war and current troubles will end.

In terms of control mechanism, Cyber Fighters are quite similar to Hack n Slash games like Stickman Legends or Shadow of Death. You fight on a horizontal 2D screen on your mobile phone, move left/right, defeat all enemies through Cyber’s skills and actions. In the bottom corner of the screen, you can jump, move fast, jump up high and attack.

A meticulously designed game

Yes, Cyber Fighters are meticulously designed, like RPG games or MMORPGs. the sport features a quests system, a personality system, and a reasonably detailed skill system. they’re separate and may be upgraded to form your character stronger.

Along with that’s an expansive and rich content repository. There are many levels in story mode. you’ll undergo them successively , defeating minions and managers to maneuver to subsequent level with more challenges. along side that are two modes of arena and survival. The gameplay isn’t new, but the content changes, forcing you to possess the proper skills and skills to win.

In addition, the sport also has daily activities and a few event missions. Through it, you’ll get more benefits. Some offer you free gifts, others are exchanged for achievements.


Skill is a crucial element in any action game generally or Hack n Slash especially . Cyber Fighters features a detailed skill system, with dozens of skills per character. Some passive skills help increase the strength and stamina of the character. With active skills, you would like to find out the way to use them properly, and at an equivalent time combine your skills to make perfect combos.

Most of the talents aren’t available. you want to level up to unlock them, then upgrade to extend efficiency in battle.

Unlocking and upgrading skills is extremely important, especially with high-slope games like Cyber Fighters, when a series of enemies appear, with strong support and defense.

Character system

The character system of the sport isn’t really diverse, including only five characters. One default, and 4 others are waiting to be unlocked.

Hachi, a person introduced as a bee king. He has deadly stings, with lightning-fast attack from a distance.

Czerno 21, a military fitted with state-of-the-art weapons. Inferno – who within the name of God was born during a prison raised among sinners. he’s referred to as the messenger of rage when possessing a muscular body with an enormous iron hammer.

Finally there’s Nala, the killer shadow. She was a Black woman , with a Zigarium spear and skill to maneuver just like the wind.

As a whole, everyone has its own unique advantage and fighting skills. you’ll unlock them, choose the proper person for every battle to possess a better victory rate.

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