[Cytus II 3.0.1]
-Fixed the issue where the game crashes after playing for a few minutes
-Fixed the issue where the logic of saving files to the cloud affects progress in the game
-Fixed a few minor bugs

[Cytus II 3.0]
The chaos expands and the threat moves closer. An evil that has existed for hundreds of years will soon swallow everything…

New Character: Vanessa
-New story and over 10 free songs
-3 brand-new free songs (Pure Gummy limited)

Rayark has revealed that they will release Cytus II APK for mobile phones through a short trailer and immediately this game has created a new fad.

A real music game

For a music game, having good music is vital. And the developer Rayark, who is a veteran of this genre of games, will not disappoint you. Cytus II songs come in a variety of genres: in addition to the J-electronic genre of the first release, the game now includes more rock music, underground alternative, classical music, and more. These songs are definitely not a global hit, but if you’re willing to listen, then maybe they’ll become your new favourite.

The game also includes more than 50 quality songs composed by musicians around the world, Korea, Japan, USA, Europe, Taiwan, etc. Through the characters, players are playing the songs. From various genres, like electronic, rock and classical.

A virtual social network

Actually, Cytus II is not just a pure music game. In this game, you will find a virtual social network. Each successful game will bring your character’s experience points, and when the character level up, a new post will appear on the social network. These post bold personality of each different character. For instance, an idol singer like Paff has only a few quotes from official sources. Meanwhile, a streamer like Neko is quite the opposite – she has so many posts that you’ll find Neko present almost everywhere.

And of course, other characters along with their tan will also participate in the conversation. Spend some time exploring the deep meaning behind these virtual worlds, and you’ll find something strange between Paff and Neko. We will not reveal that to you here.

In addition to these two characters, other characters in the game are interrelated. You need to be curious and willing to pursue the secrets to stick to the details and discover the whole story. Anyone who has ever read our stories will know that men have sex in a closed viral womb. That’s all we can say.


Regarding graphics, the game is pretty much upgraded from the first version, although it still has a style of its own. All images from the effects, plot … are built in anime style.

In short, Cytus II is a game of music with extremely simple play; you will know how to play in just a few minutes. But it is not just that. Lots of interesting features, lots of new experiences and a reasonable price. With a starting price of $ 1.99, Cytus 2 is a really cool game that can not be denied that it’s worth more than its price.


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