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Many players rated Dinosaur Rampage 5 stars on Google Play and lots of comments expressed their interest and “addiction” with this game. And it's true. it'll be a pity if you miss this fascinating game of Geisha Tokyo.

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Dinosaur Rampage MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Skins Unlocked) is a fun dinosaur game.

About Dinosaur Rampage

Dinosaurs have always been a mysterious animal, and stories of their extinction have always been the topic of much attention. they’re animals that symbolize the immense source of primordial power of an organism that was once the hegemony of the planet . Grasping that mentality, there are many games inspired by dinosaurs and it are often said, all games on this subject are appreciated by many players.

Currently, you’ll easily find a survival game for smartphones. However, finding a replacement and addictive survival game which will cause you to spend hours to enjoy is difficult. So let me suggest to you, it’s Dinosaur Rampage, a game of Geisha Tokyo.


As soon as you begin the match, you and other players are placed within the same match during a simulated city. and every one are at level 1 at the start , that’s with a really cute little dinosaur. But the cuteness will quickly disappear when the dinosaurs frantically destroy the town and eat people. Only the destruction of more buildings and other people will offer you the exp points to level up, thereby helping dinosaurs evolve. When reaching higher levels, you’ll eat the lower level dinosaurs.

However, you’ll even be eaten by larger dinosaurs. Therefore, be smart in choosing the opponent. you’ll see your surrounding enemies with triangular arrows pointing their direction. And because of it you’ll also know the extent of the enemy to attack or run away.

Please note, in every match, sometimes there’ll be meteorites falling from the sky. Not just dinosaurs but not even humans like those rocks in the least . they’re the explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs, so take care .

New survival game

As mentioned above, Dinosaur Rampage may be a survival game on the subject of ancient dinosaurs. you’ll participate in survival battles during a modern simulation city, where you control an enormous T-Rex tyrant dinosaur to attack the people. However, your main purpose isn’t to eat people or destroy the town but instead, you want to become strong and large to be ready to defeat the enemies are other bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Become the No. 1 dinosaur, true with a survival game.

However, the rationale that Dinosaur Rampage may be a new sort of survival game because the principles have changed a touch . The goal remains to become the # 1 dinosaur, but you’ll not got to remove all the opposite enemies on the map, as long as you’ve got the very best score when the sport is over. In fact, you’ll hardly defeat all enemies during a battle with only 2 minutes. This helps the sport has diverse gameplay. There are some ways for you to master the sport and become a champion dinosaur.


Dinosaur Rampage’s graphics are designed supported 3D, but it’s not very nice and sharp. Objects like people, houses, trees, vehicles, … are simply simulated. However, the graphics aren’t really detailed which helps the sport reduce horror and violence.

Tips & tricks

Dinosaur Rampage has an equivalent gameplay as Crowd City. Therefore, many players who find their own ways to urge easier victories from previous games. For a newbie, you’ll need a number of our tips.

Active play: you’ll “friendly” at the primary levels, only eating the people to earn a touch experience. But you ought to find and eat smaller dinosaurs when reaching a better level. That brings more benefits.
Find support items: Occasionally you’ll encounter a rainbow or a sudden piece of meat within the middle of the road. It brings more experience points to level up.
Destroy the TV tower: does one know the Tokyo TV tower? it’s an outsized and skyscraper building, which has many resources. Destroy it!
Complete the tasks set before each game also helps you earn more coins.
Unlock new skins
After each match, you’ll receive coins rewards. counting on the rank after each game, you’ll earn extra money . With the cash earned, you’ll use it to unlock more other dinosaurs. However, T-Rex is that the only dinosaur of the sport , you’ll only change their colors. Appearance doesn’t assist you faster or stronger but it can bring you interesting experiences.

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