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Download Dollify for Android (MOD APK)

Surely you still remember the trend of creating chibi characters that have caused fever on the internet right? Now, you can create your own characters more cutely with Dollify (MOD Premium) – the great application of Dave XP. Yes, with this application you can create your own portrait in the style of extremely cute children’s dolls. Own the coolest and most representative avatars on social networks.

Create your own doll

In Dollify, there are countless dummy or dolls that can be created according to your preferences. Whether it is male or female characters. The first step, you need to choose the gender for your character. After that, choose the colour you want. Customize many other details like eyes, nose or lips. The selection is very diverse with many different types. Only eyes, there are more than 20 different styles. Thus, the characteristics of your character are closest to what you can imagine.

In addition to the above basic features, you can add small details and accessories. Be creative, express your personality with countless beautiful details like trendy hairstyles. Moreover, there are many modern and stylish fashion accessories for you. From clothes, necklaces, eyeglasses, … It feels like your character is going into a world of greatest fashion. Not only is a portrait painter, but you are also a top stylist for trendy models.

Hashtag #dollifyapp

Creating beautiful doll avatars not only helps you feel interesting when you are creative. Now you can share them on any social network like Facebook or Twitter. Share the best photos and chat with friends. Create your avatar Facebook easily with Dollify.

In addition, the publisher Dave XP also developed a very attractive feature. That is tagging your photos with the hashtag #dollifyapp. Since then, every week there will be many unique avatars chosen by the publisher. They will post on the official Instagram page. If you are selected, there will be more people who know you. Interesting! What are you waiting for? Join Dollify community right away to express your style and personality!

What’s more in Dollify MOD Premium?

Your wardrobe simulates a miniature fashion world with Dollify MOD Premium. You can unlock and own the hottest fashion accessories in the catalogue. If you previously needed a lot of money to unlock fashion now, they are completely free. In addition, there are some outstanding features that the MOD Premium version brings:

  • Create unlimited avatars.
  • Write and store unlimited characters.
  • The images are inserted Watermark.
  • Unlock high-end fashion items.

With MOD Premium, Dollify’s world is more extensive and perfect. Fashion and art paradise are waiting for you!


For me, Dollify is a great application. An application that helps you create a multitude of cute and unique avatars. The world of fashion, style and interaction on social networks. Many reasons for you to use this application. More specifically, this application has no ads!

Although Dollify has just been released shortly, Dollify has received positive feedback and more than 10 million downloads. It can be said that with such attraction, this application can become a new trend on social networks. You can become a “doll version” of anyone. Famous stars like David Beckham, Ronaldo, Shawn Mendes, … or actors like Chris Evans. Create your unique avatar with just a few simple steps.

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