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Free Shopping: You can buy a new car your upgrade your cars on the garage for free, even when you have no money.

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Once downloaded, I spent all day playing this racing game. This game does not require an internet connection to play the game, so you are completely satisfied with its quality and smoothness.

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Released by Tiramisu, Drift Max Pro (MOD Free Shopping, Unlimited Money) is rapidly gaining popularity among gamers worldwide. Since the launch, the game had millions of downloads and received positive feedback from the players. If you love cars and are bored with traditional speed racing games, you can not miss this game. Download Drift Max Pro on your devices and print your tires on all roads.

Fast and Furious is a very popular racing series that everyone has been watched. Also, the thrilling chase of the supercar is unique; we also see the driving techniques of the two characters in Toretto Dominic and Brian o’Conner. And an indispensable technique for motor racing is the drift. Looking at the two main characters drift extremely beautiful and cool right?

Based on the drifting technique, Drift Max Pro will help you to join the unique race car.


In Drift Max Pro, the main task of the player is not racing like some traditional racing games (i.e. speed up to finish at first in each race). If you apply it to this game, you will definitely become a loser.

Your main task in the game is that you must continuously drift to achieve as many points as possible. Technical factors are always on top. Let people see how well you drive. In real life, drift is a challenging technique, the number of people can drift only be counted on the finger. However, in Drift Max Pro you will easily master this technique by using the proper Ga keys, Brake combination with the Steering wheel. Each level of the game is limited, just drift enough points and then get to the destination on time, so you are the winner on this race. Too simple right?

The more beautiful Drift you will earn more points. Drift Max Pro has a perfect scoring system to evaluate your performance. Practice your racing skills, earn lots of points and set new records. Connect with friends and win them on the game’s leaderboard.

Multi-track racing

Drift Max Pro owns some well-known racing maps all over the world. From the bustling streets of Tokyo, the streets of Madrid in Spain, or the colorful bobbins in Brazil … all in one exciting game. However, the race tracks are arranged in order from easy to hard, to conquer difficult challenges you have to complete each turn of the gameplay.

Supercars system

In racing games, it is impossible not to mention the modern supercar that everyone must wish. Drift Max Pro owns dozens of supercars of the world’s leading car manufacturers. A lot of cars from Ford, Toyota to the cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini are waiting for you to pick up to the garage. After each level of play, based on the score you earned you will receive an amount. Using this money to buy a car and upgrade your car’s accessories makes it easier to win the race.

Graphics power

The game has stunningly beautiful 3D graphics, easily matched with any racing game on the market (but never compare to Asphalt 9). The special motion effect enhances your drifting phase. In particular, the sound of the game extremely real. The grinding wheels on the road will certainly make you extremely excited. Enjoy the joy of winning the hot models in the game.

It’s time to download Drift Max Pro

Once downloaded, I spent all day playing this racing game. This game does not require an internet connection to play the game, so you are completely satisfied with its quality and smoothness. The feeling of performing the art drift phase or buying super-expensive cars is great. If you are looking for a special racing game in 2018, this is no longer delay to download Drift Max Pro on your device.

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