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About MOD APK version of #DRIVE

MOD Features

  • Cars Unlocked

  • Trucks Unlocked

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Advantages of the MOD version

When using the MOD version, you can unlock your favorite car and map. No need to wait too long to have enough money.

Download #Drive MOD APK

As a racing game but the pace of this game is not so fast. It is very light, suitable for those who like to drive and relax. The discomfort when you lose will be the motivation for you to play the next game.

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Are you a lover of street action movies? If so, you’ll definitely love #DRIVE MOD APK (Unlimited Money).

About #DRIVE

There are many great things from the foremost straightforward ideas, which is why #DRIVE is that the first choice for car fans. No level, no enemies or need to compete with bosses, you only got to hold the wheel , and therefore the game will continuously speed up to require you on an endless journey.

This game was released by Pixel Perfect Dude, a publisher not so well known on Google Play. Like Voodoo, they have produced some sports-themed games for Android and iOS like Ski Jump, Extreme Beach Volley. Their games often have simple, fun and extremely addictive gameplay. Instead of developing like classic racing games, #DRIVE has endless run gameplay, similar to Subway Surfers.


When playing #DRIVE, you’ll travel through many interesting places, from the recent asphalt roads to the gorgeous snow-white roads. But in fact , things won’t be so simple. you’ll meet many nonchalantly drivers who are sightseeing without listening to other vehicles. The cops always only attempt to stop the road once you are pulling the throttle to the fullest (if you’re chased, don’t ditch getting to donut shop).

However, don’t allow them to distract you for too long. Always confine mind that the farther you go, the more points you get, so collect many bottle caps along the way. And yet, don’t forget to see the fuel bar and therefore the damage of the vehicle to understand once you got to stop (very important) to recover and continue the journey.

Collect bottle caps


This is not a speed racing game, so you are doing not got to go too fast in any situation. No other racers compete with you, and your enemy is yourself. the amount of points corresponds to the space you go. But don’t rush to think that this game is straightforward and boring. On your journey, many obstacles will appear. Besides, there are many things designed to distract players. Just a second distracted, your car are often destroyed. The roads near the desert often have sand problems. It makes it slippery for vehicles thereon road. Your car moves at a really high speed, and you’re easy to lose control and hit houses on the side of the road.

Do not forget to gather money along the way (bottle cap). The bonus is predicated on the amount of bottle caps you collect. But it could even be a deadly trap. Sometimes, once you see tons of bottle caps, you happily follow that road and suddenly realize that ahead of you may be a car going very slowly. Keep yourself focused. Remember, your most vital goal goes as far as possible.

Intuitive controls

With a particularly simple pick and play mechanism, you’ll easily control the car wheel by simply touching one among the 2 sides of the screen or holding both thumbs to brake. Therefore, #DRIVE isn’t difficult to play. With the gameplay of an Endless Run game, you’ll control your car to travel everywhere the planet . Cross towns, deserts, snowy mountains or beautiful beaches.

#DRIVE only features a third perspective, which allows you to ascertain the vehicle from the rear. this is often easy to know . Because this game is extremely simple and little in size, therefore the publisher doesn’t develop too many features, but only focuses on gameplay.

70s style graphics

In the intro, Pixel Perfect Dude says that #DRIVE graphics has the design and sound of the 70s. From the graphics, colors and styles of vehicles, all are very old and nostalgic. you’ll see the landscape of the sport is that the same color because the old action movies. Besides, you’ll enjoy popular songs within the 70s.

The graphics of the sport aren’t too sharp and detailed. However, the physics and control are smooth, with no lag. It gives you a true driving experience. because of simple graphics, the sport easily runs on many various sorts of devices.

Unlock and upgrade cars

If you want the latest supercars today, unfortunately, you should choose Asphalt or GRID Autosport. Because of the 70s context, the vehicles you’ll use in #DRIVE were all quite old. It’s more kind of a traditional car, old cars for family and work rather than a racer .

Besides, #DRIVE provides you with an in-depth vehicle upgrade system. The car after being upgraded brakes and tires will limit the loss of steering when travelling on the roads with bad terrain.

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