hey dubsmashers! in this release you can preview your recorded video directly on the recording screen .we also improved the quality and speed of the app! questions, feedback? dm us @dubsmash on instagram or email [email protected]

About MOD APK version Dubsmash

MOD feature

Remove Watermark: Watermark related to copyright issue from the application. However, they have been removed in the MOD APK version provided by us. You can download videos without watermark.

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Dubsmash is getting used by millions a day . Here, you'll discover many interesting content, trending and fun activities from people round the world.

Many people believe that Dubsmash is strictly an equivalent as Tiktok, but it's not really. The app also has its own distinct features, which gave it 4.2 rating points along side many many installations.

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Dubsmash MOD APK (Remove Watermark). You can download the MOD version of this app for a better experience and completely free.

About Dubsmash

What is Dubsmash?

Dubsmash may be a video social network where users can share, post and watch many videos. it’s designed quite almost like Tiktok, from the interface to the features.

As are often seen, Dubsmash allows users to post their own videos. you’ll also do an equivalent thing by clicking on the “Create” icon within the navigation bar at rock bottom of the screen. Here, you’ll select a category item to post, like Trending, Hot – Dances, Popular Sounds or Cosplay Sounds. the rationale why Dubsmash does this is often to divide and filter content, helping to extend the user experience.

Next, you’ll create live videos through the camera, or upload videos available within the device’s library. The editing screen will appear. Here, you’ll add filters, create a time-countdown, add text, and ask questions.

Before posting, you’ll also found out another permissions like Sound Title, hashtags, captions, tag someone, who can view this post, allow comment or not.

Discover trending videos

Most of the trends that are being liked by children are coming from video social networking applications, most notably Tiktok, Bigo Live and Dubsmash.

Through user-posted videos, with hashtags #Trending within the trending category, you’ll easily discover what new trend within the world. Of course, you’ll also become a creator, who leads the trending. this is often interesting, isn’t it? attend video maker and upload a video to Dubsmash now.


You can update your profile, update your profile picture, introduction, favorites, shared profile. Others will see you at a look , and this is often your chance to attach to everyone. Moreover, you’ll also visit other people’s profiles, view their info and consider their favorites list.

Find your favorite videos

The first time you log into the appliance , you’ll be recommended with the hashtags like trending, art, entertainment, health, sports and many other topics.

The content in each respective topic has been filtered and sorted by popularity. you’ll find your favorite content by subscribing to the channels you wish .

If you skip the follow-up section, you’ll also re-visit the invention category to look for topics, hashtags, et al.

Timeline updated in real time

Dubsmash’s timeline is usually updated. It’s just like the home page of the app, and because of an ingenious algorithm, the favored videos are going to be featured first. because of this, you’ll easily watch the videos with the foremost interesting and popular content.

Dubsmash’s news feed interface is meant quite like Tiktok. there’s the author’s name, title, hashtags, and caption. you’ll follow the author to urge notified once they update new videos, or access their wall quickly.

Next, you’ll swipe up or right down to watch other videos. Most of the time, the content during this section of the newsletter isn’t specific. Most of it comes from strangers – people you don’t follow. this may assist you access the new content and new trending.