Visit Abundance Island and make friends with Nature Spirits! Make piggy banks of plenty, feed the turkeys, fix the Cornucopia and bring it home! The island is available on level 8+ for 12 days!
It's winter on Treasure Island! Don't miss the competition, earn prizes and new decor: the Lion Amaryllis! The island is here for 3 days for players level 10+!
Help Bruce finish the jewelry workshop and journey to Pearl Island for the Black Diamond! Expedition is available on level 36+!

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The present life makes people feel tired and stressed. Sometimes we’d like a period of relaxation and shake the important world. It might be anywhere, on Mars or even on some beautiful island. that’s also the thinking of the Bruce family in Family Island (MOD Unlimited Diamonds/Energy), the very interesting farm game of the publisher Melsoft Games.

Currently, Family Island has quite a million installs on Google Play with many positive reviews and comments. With beautiful graphics and therefore the gameplay of a classic farm game, the sport gives you a way of peace and relaxation after a stressful working day. especially , unlike the standard farm games, you’ll discover a stimulating story about the family of Bruce and Eva. Join their adventure on a gorgeous deserted island. Despite the traditional context, their stories and relationships are very on the brink of today’s life.

Upgrade your island

Family Island features a primitive plot, so you don’t have any help from machines or the chance to speak with people from the mainland. You don’t got to fight zombies or dinosaurs like survival games. this is often a farm game. Your task is just to hunt, plant and look for food. Use resources like wood and stone to create some houses. From there you’ll develop your island into a busy town, attracting many tribes around.

Initially, you’ll be through the Tutorial with the guidance of Bruce and Eva. start soil improvement, weeding and breaking some rocks and trees. then , you’ll build some huts, fire stoves or warehouses to store food.

Resources like iron, wood, stone, ropes, soap, … are wont to upgrade your buildings. Upgrades help the buildings become more and more modern. because of that, you’ll unlock, produce some new sorts of resources and sell your resources to form money.

A Bedlam game

In modern life, people are too hooked in to technology. Everyone always focuses on the phone but forgets the buddies and family around them. So imagine at some point , you reside on a deserted island and don’t have any machines or technology. No phone, no internet, no wifi.

Bruce, Eva, and their children face an equivalent situation. After a eruption , they were pushed to a gorgeous but completely unspoiled and natural island. Your mission in Family Island is to assist them renovate the island, rebuild their house and begin a replacement life from zero. Develop a prosperous town, while helping Bruce’s family find back to their tribe and friends.

Break down the fog, expand your island

Around your island, the world with fog is that the area you haven’t explored yet. By breaking down trees, rocks, bushes, … you’ll find how to explore the forbidden areas. Not only expanding territory, unlocking a replacement area will open up more interesting stories about the Bruce family.

Cooking time!

When living on a deserted island, of course, the primary thing you would like to worry about is food. Bruce’s family has many children, so you can’t allow them to get hungry. additionally to harvesting available crops, you’ll grow variety of fruit and food crops.

Touching the hearth to settle on food, Eva will cook variety of dishes for everybody . you can’t cook a dish without its ingredients. There are many dishes you’ll choose between . The food is modern but decorated in an ancient way will cause you to feel funny.

Graphics and sound

If you’re trying to find a game to relax you, Family Island may be a great choice. The graphics of the sport can impress you from the primary time you play. Images are very bright and sharp. The characters are designed during a cute and fun way, a bit like the 3D cartoons you’ve ever seen. because of cute graphics, the sport is fitted to all ages, including children.

Besides, you’ll enjoy soothing music while playing Family Island. The music of the sport helps me feel peaceful, suitable for relaxing after a hard-working day.