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MOD APK Fun Run 3 Info:

  • Fun Run 3 MOD APK supports players to avoid attacks from enemies through the God Mode feature. If you don’t like spending too much time avoiding attacks, use this version.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

If you love racing games, let play Fun Run 3 MOD APK (God Mode). However, in this game, the race is a deadly dangerous competition, not just a sport.

Fun Run 3 is that the third installment in Fun Run game series of Dirtybit. generally , the sport still retains the fun, naughty of every race because the previous version. the most purpose of the sport is to participate within the race, challenge the opposite 7 players, attempt to crush the opponent and become the winner.

You will be surprised when the game is equipped with a horizontal view and the context of the race is quite similar to some adventure games like Sonic Runners Adventure or Super Cat Tales 2.

The race in Fun Run 3 is sort of attractive when the track is meant with a spread of obstacles with many beautiful colors. The participants of the race aren’t athletes, they’re cute animals with a full range of species from pets to wildlife like crocodiles, lions, …

You will choose one among the quite 70 pets, participate within the race. Moreover, you’ll change the style accessories for them. A cool cat with a cool hat and sunglasses, that sounds pretty fun. However, when the animals are trapped, they’re stop from the limbs and have some rather bloody effects, so I don’t think this game is suitable for young children.

The quick run seems simple, but in Fun Run 3 that’s not as easy as you think that . On racetracks has many obstacles and bad moves come from opponents to prevent you. you’ll need to avoid the blade, dodge the lightning bolt or pass the bear trap. After each race, believe your efforts, you’ll be rewarded. However, not every race participant will get rewarded, and you’ll only receive rewards once you are one among the three fastest finishers out of 8 players.