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In this update, we welcome the long-awaited keyframe effects: 3D Shape, Blinds and Mirror (in Transform)!
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About MOD APK version Funimate

What is special about Funimate Pro version?

When you download the Funimate app from Google Play, you get to use only its basic features. The developer offers a premium version, called Pro, for you to choose from. Of course, this version requires you to pay, then you are allowed to use many more useful features. Here are some special features of the Pro version:

  • There are more video effects, premium and exclusive sticker packs

  • Video export without the watermark

MOD feature

Unlocked Pro Features.

As I introduced, there is a subscription fee for the Funimate Pro version. The fee will depend on how long you sign up, monthly, half a year, or one year. But not everyone can afford to spend money using this Pro package. Therefore, we give you a completely free version of Funimate Pro MOD APK. With this version, you can use all the premium features of the Pro version without having to pay any fees.

Note: When the app asks you to update, please turn off internet connection to continue using Funimate Pro.

Download Funimate Pro MOD APK

With Funimate Pro, you'll easily create high-quality videos, without got to spend to much time and energy . If you're a video designer or YouTuber, then you ought to have this app on your phone. Moreover, with Pro APK version, you'll use all the features of Funimate, completely free.

- Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
- Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

Funimate MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is one of the top popular video editing apps today. It is released by AVCR Inc, an obscure publisher. But the Funimate app has made their name known to numerous users round the world.

About Funimate

As you recognize , there are tons of video editing tools available today for smartphones. because of that, every user can easily edit and make the simplest videos, don’t need much experience and knowledge of editing. you’ll also create your own videos to satisfy your entertainment and work needs. And Funimate may be a great choice for you. Let APK2Download determine the impressive features of this application through the article below.

Create a video from an unprofessional

Many users get nervous when starting video editing work for the primary time. once you use Funimate, you’ll get wont to it easily, it doesn’t take long to master. All the features of Funimate Pro are automatic, designed during a simple way for users to simply get acquainted. because of that, you’ll easily become knowledgeable video editor. Plus, you’ll edit anywhere, just together with your smartphone.

Funimate as a social network

Funimate app isn’t only a video editing tool, but it’s also designed as a social network. Each user will have a separate account to share the interesting videos they create for other members to enjoy. If your video is basically interesting, you’ll have an outsized following on the Funimate community. In addition, you can also share your videos with other social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, …

Some drawbacks

  • Users have to spend money to use the IAPs paid to unlock video effects, sticker packs,…
  • When exporting video containing copyright watermark.
  • This required an internet connection.

Many useful features

Funimate fully owns the foremost basic features of a video editing application. for instance , cut, merge video, add text, … you’ll roll in the hay easily from the primary time.

But, the video effects are the rationale that users choose this app. this is often not a replacement feature compared to other video editing apps. But why say Funimate Pro stands out more? that’s this application both for you to settle on from available video effects while allowing you to make your own style effects. the appliance has many unique effects for you to settle on from, but you’ll still create your own exclusive effects. you’ll create effects from photos on your phone.

You can also add images, text, stickers, and emoticons to your video as you wish . Huge collection of stickers and emojis gives you tons of options to bring your videos to life. additionally , it also has many other interesting features, you’ll directly experience to explore those features.

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