- Add new spaceship skins
- Add new drone skins
- Fix some bugs

About Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK version

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You get a lot of gold and diamonds when opening the game.

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With diverse battles, now not only playing with the machine, but you can also absolutely compete with online players in 1vs1 or 3vs3 battle. It can be said that, with such outstanding features, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has gone far beyond the old version. The game brings a new wind that is both familiar and strange to players.

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If you’ve got experienced an early period of technology with legendary games like Alien Shooter, Chicken Invaders, … then those are beautiful memories that you simply will always remember . Today, i will be able to assist you once more return to your childhood with a well-known game but during a completely remake . Experience Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (MOD Unlimited Money) of the Onesoft publisher. this is often an upgraded version of the legendary Chicken Invaders game. Still supported the old platform, but this version features a lot of visual and gameplay improvements.

The Plot

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter may be a phantasy world about the longer term of the world . As technology becomes extremely modern, people can easily move and explore space with new spacecraft. However, it’s followed by immeasurable hazards about alien creatures. they need the conspiracy to invade the world and make humans a slave to them. Therefore, a crucial task is placed on you. Prevent the invasion from space of the aliens.

All you’ve got are combat spacecraft, wont to destroy all enemies and convey peace to mankind. Only you’ll protect the world and therefore the galaxy from alien monsters.


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives you a series of missions. Includes quite 160 levels with countless intense battles. additionally , to beat each level, you’ve got to beat the boss. These are supergiant space ships with extremely dangerous weapons. However, it’s the boss battles that are the highlight and convey the attraction to the players.

In addition to playing against enemies, the sport has some levels that allow you to point out your dodging skills. Comet rain, where you’ve got to drive your ship skilfully if you would like to survive. There are tons of exciting and very challenging missions. After each mission is completed, you’ll receive many coins and upgrade items like laser guns or cannons, …

Unlock new spacecraft

Besides upgrading firepower in combat, your weapons can deal higher damage once you upgrade. Each weapon features a certain level of upgrade to supply combat effectiveness. additionally , Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter provides you with new and more modern spacecraft. all features a different fighting style and may be upgraded to maximise power. But to upgrade and unlock them, you’ve got to spend tons of coins.

It is worth noting that, regardless of how strong your spaceship is, your spaceship are often destroyed if it collides with enemies. Sometimes getting too many bullets from the enemy also makes the ship “evaporate”.


As mentioned above, the gameplay is analogous to the legendary game Chicken Invaders. meaning you simply got to touch the screen to maneuver and destroy the enemy with the gun of the spacecraft. additionally , don’t forget to gather upgrade items and alter your weapons. About gameplay, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter isn’t too complicated and difficult to regulate . All you would like to try to to is provides a reasonable strategy, an efficient thanks to avoid having to die repeatedly .

However, easy control doesn’t mean you’ll easily win. Your enemies are aliens. they’re extremely strong, aggressive and increasingly crowded. Moreover, the space environment is dangerous and difficult to regulate with people, even when there are modern technologies. Therefore, additionally to fighting smart and brave, within the process of fighting, you ought to also collect the spoils that fall from the enemy. It helps you tons in upgrading firepower or supplying you with benefits like heal, shield, …


Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter brings graphics with extremely quality images optimized for both tablets and mobile devices. Super classic battles in space are going to be reproduced within the most realistic and vivid way. additionally , the battleships also are super cool, along side advanced weapons. The sound makes the battles become more attractive than ever.