- Added a feature to preview outfits and guitars.

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MOD feature

Unlimited Love: When you spend, your love won’t be reduced.

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Guitar Girl will bring you a mild entertaining game, assist you relieve stress after hard working hours. you'll soon be immersed within the deep sound of the guitar. What are you waiting? Let download Guitar Girl MOD APK and luxuriate in this game now!

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Guitar Girl MOD APK (Unlimited Love), a music simulation game, is being curious about an outsized number of players lately . Although the sport has just been released, the sport has entered the “Editor’s Choice” on the Google Play store.

About Guitar Girl

The story

In the game, you’ll study the story of a gorgeous girl who likes to play the guitar. She may be a timid and somewhat self-deprecating person, not daring to point out her talent publicly . But her talent is actually impressive, her guitar sound makes people vibrate.

Therefore, you would like to assist her bring out her talents. Initially, you’ll help her get popular by singing in Guitar Girl’s studio. Gradually, she is going to gain more fans because of her deep, soothing sound. As she builds up her confidence, you’ll let her shine on stage. Starting with performances on alittle stage, at the beach, on the road and therefore the ultimate goal of the large stage before the planet .

2D graphics

Guitar Girl brings a reasonably eye-catching image in Japanese Anime style. The image quality within the game is that the only 2D, but the character is 3D-styled quite eye-catching, you’ll desire a high-quality 3D game. The visual style is sort of almost like the simulations of Genius Studio. Overall, the image of the Guitar Girl game is eye-catching but nothing new compared to the games of an equivalent genre.


Guitar Girl is developed with a reasonably simple simulation game. Your task is just to assist the protagonist get popular and perform ahead of the gang . Help her show her talent at the studio.

In order to draw in more fans, additionally to talent, you furthermore may need to help her look good by buying her beautiful and crowd pleasing outfits. the sport offers a particularly diverse costume system, supplying you with the liberty to settle on in order that the most character are often beautiful and attract fans.

In addition, the live streaming room also must be beautifully decorated. you’ll buy a spread of decorations and furniture to form the space more cosy and delightful . There are many lovely items like teddy bears, herd, toys to form the space more adorable.