Introducing: Farm Pass, featuring the baby chicks!

• Farm Pass runs every month. You can get extra rewards and game-enhancing perks!
• Complete goals to earn pass points and collect rewards with your baby chick. Collect even more rewards by buying the Farm Pass!
• At the start of each Farm Pass season, the sneaky baby chicks run away. It is up to you to get them back.
• Every season brings an exclusive new accessory for your farm animals.

And so much more!

About MOD APK version of Hay Day

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Seeds

Note: The MOD version is outdated and may not work.

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Hay Day may be a record-breaking farm game that numbers up to twenty million players worldwide. No farm game within the world features a sizable amount of players than Hay Day. the sport support for both Android and iOS platforms, you'll download the sport Hay Day to experience the gorgeous farm game through the links below.

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For an extended time, farm management games have always won tons of affection from the sport players. With a mild , playful, peaceful country style, the farm games are perfect for entertaining after each day of study and dealing tired. And one among them is Hay Day (MOD Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds), a fun farm game released by Supercell.

This game was officially announced in 2012, after five years of development, Hay Day now supports both iOS and Android platforms that make it easy for players to download and participate in one among the most well liked farm games most within the world at the present .

As a farm game, of course, you’ll be transformed into a true farmer in Hay Day, where farmer’s daily work are going to be reproduced so you’ll earn much mone. Starting Hay Day, you’ll be the owner of alittle farm with some cottages, ranches, rough fields. start with farming with a number of the available seeds that Hay Day provides for you. Sow seeds spray water until your plant’s bloom. At that point , you’ll harvest and sell farm produce within the store for tons of cash , which may buy costlier plants and items.

When harvesting plants on the farm, you’ll gain some experience points. once you have enough experience, you’ll be upgraded, unlocking more items, plants, and lots of more exciting features. There are countless sorts of plant seeds, the type of pets for you to settle on will appear on your farm.

There is a special spot in Hay Days, which is that the life cycle of the plants. Some plants are harvested 3 times later, and that they will wither. you’ll not be ready to do anything but can leave a ‘Help’ table and await your neighbors to sprays water. If it’s “saved”, your plants are going to be harvested three more times until it’s completely withered and you’ve got to interrupt it right down to plant new ones.

Not only plants

In addition to plants, pets also are one among the special factors that help Hay Day features a sizable amount of players. There are many pets that you simply can lookout of; these pets have cute patterns typical for farm games like Cow, Chicken, Goat, Pig, … especially , Hay Day also has two pets Dogs, and Cats bring you tremendous amounts of experience and very interesting items. to boost two pets, you would like to shop for a house for them and feed them regularly.

Trade traders

Also, you furthermore may have a port that’s unlocked once you reach level 17. Here, you’ll use your ship to ship items round the world. you’ve got to spend up to 16000 coins and take quite each day to repair the harbor. you’ve got to attend 4 hours for the ship to bring you new shipments. If needed, use five diamonds to ship immediately. once you unlock the harbor, you furthermore may unlock fishing. Here you’ll have a house by the lake, a desk to assist you create bait, a bait box, a fishing smack , a fishing man, an outsized lake. Follow the instructions of Hay Day to catch the fishes.


You can spin your lucky wheel a day while participating in Hay Day by hitting the car parked ahead of your farm. make certain to see the mailbox a day for a present card within the envelope. Also, watching the ad also can assist you earn some diamonds.

At level 7, you’re entitled to unlock Roadise Shop. this may be alittle booth to assist you sell items that you simply own. All players round the world if visiting your farm can see and buy if they have it.

Join the community, make friends, chat with Hay Day’s community round the world. Stealing agricultural produce or helping neighbors in taking care of crops, all are going to be on Hay Day.


Hay Day features a 3D farm simulation style. the sport is bright, eye-catching with the creation of homes, plants, and pets charming, bringing a way of sunshine entertainment for players. Besides, the background music is soft and thick, very suitable for the gameplay of Hay Day. If you’re a lover of farm simulation games, Hay Day will cause you to feel satisfied and happy.

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