-Chance to get a Level 6 Legendary Character in the Scratch and the Player of the Match
-Halloween special splash screen game theme
-As always tons of bugs are fixed and game is optimized for a better Head Ball 2 experience!

About MOD APK version Head Ball 2

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

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Overall, this game is a very interesting and unique football game. If you love the king sport, you can not ignore it.

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Andrea Pirlo once said: “I play ball with my head, my legs are just tools.” When watching this midfield player, we’ll understand the meaning of this statement. However, in Head Ball 2 MOD APK, this statement is literally true. World Cup 2018 is approaching, this is often an excellent time for us to play funny football games, so why don’t you are trying this game today?

About Head Ball 2

Unique football

Unlike other football games you’ve played like Dream League Soccer 2019, you don’t need to control the whole 11 players that only control one player. Of course, because the sport during this game consists of only two players to defend the opposite two goals. you’ve got to try to to everything yourself from defence to goal-scoring.

Graphics and sound

I’m quite impressed with the graphics of this game. As i discussed above, the players are designed in special style. you’ll feel the warmth of the stadium with the sunshine system and crowded audience. additionally , the sport also allows you to ask friends to challenge by connecting to your Facebook account. Tell them who is that the best player in Head Ball 2.

Play football together with your head

First, you’ve got to settle on a player to regulate just like the role-playing games. The name also says it all, you’ve got to use the top to kick the ball. Players within the game are designed during a rather crazy way, they don’t have the body, only the large head is connected to the shoes, enough to perform the essential operation of a player. you’ll feel funny to ascertain players like Messi, Ronaldo during this form, different from the superstar style as in real world .

The control of Head Ball 2 is additionally very simple. this will be the primary football you are doing not got to use buttons, like kick, passing, etc. When the ball flies, you only control the player touching the ball, it’ll fly contrary. When the ball flies into the opponent’s goal, you’ll be charged one point. If one among the 2 players scores three goals, that person is that the winner.

Each match lasts only 10 seconds, if nobody scores therein period then the match are going to be counted draw. I found this game very fun, bring more entertainment without spending much time. the sport requires the skill and finesse of the player, plus some luck. you’ll feel great once you kick the ball into the opponent’s goal within the cheering of the fans.

Special players

Head Ball 2 features a lot of various players, so you’ll unlock the players you’re keen on by collecting their cards. Not only that, these players even have special skills, not just football as was common . for instance, a player can become enormous during a few seconds, freeze his opponent or become a lion, etc. you’ll explore 18 different superpowers during this game. Unlock, upgrade and enhance these skills to become stronger.