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MOD feature

Unlocked All Cars: All cars in the garage are unlocked. You just need to choose a car you want and join the race.

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Highly regarded by many experts and won countless awards, Horizon Chase gives players a real world of speed. If you expect a auto racing game with supercars or graphics like Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt 9: Legends, this is often not an honest idea. But if you're trying to find a racing game with classic graphics, Horizon Chase is worth some time playing!

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Download Horizon Chase – World Tour MOD APK (Unlocked All) on APKDOWNLOAD, you’ll choose any car you would like . All are available in your garage.

About Horizon Chase – World Tour

Honored to receive the things Award for the category “top 10 mobile games of the year”, Horizon Chase deserves the title together of the “rulers” within the retro game genre, with over 5 million installs on Google Play. this is often an ideal combination of the recent games that have caused storms within the 80s and 90s like Top Gear, Out Run, Rush. This game provides players with unlimited speed laps and classic arcade gameplay.

Control mechanism

Horizon Chase’s console isn’t much different from other games of an equivalent genre. On the screen include some basic control virtual keys like left and right turn arrow keys, a turbo button and an accelerator button. Especially this game doesn’t provide brake buttons for players to form the drift when passing the bends. This adds to the problem and requires experienced riders, as everything relies on force to stay the car from being thrown off the track. On the left side of the screen may be a miniature map that permits the player to hide the whole race also as identify his position and destination.

16-bit graphics

Horizon Chase brings players back to the 80s and 90s with racing round the world with supercars under the 16-bit graphics layer. The endless long paths to the horizon and therefore the trees lining the side of the road glide at dizzying speed to bring the sensation of extremely true speed. The image quality isn’t too high, therefore the game focuses totally on speed, rather than that specialize in the physical factors or the outside of the vehicle. Even so, there’s some basic physical feedback like some collisions with other cars on the track that also affect your vehicle.

The developers of Aquiris put tons of heart into Horizon Chase by inviting composer Barry Leitch to support the audio (the number of songs is 92). The opening music proudly, stimulating the spirit of conquerors of racers. Join Horizon Chase, you’ll have the chance to enjoy of these sounds during a most realistic way.

Harsh race tracks

If you’re a conqueror, the roads provided by this game will cause you to satisfied. additionally to competing every moment with other competitors, you furthermore may need to take care with the obstacles assail the track. The weather may be a factor that greatly affects the standard of your wheel , the desert map with the brilliant sunlight, the showers will make the road more slippery. Besides, snow or storm will cover visibility. And sometimes you’ll race on a track and right next thereto is volcanic lava that’s erupting. Are you feeling excited?

Rarely does any racing game have as many tracks as Horizon Chase. Currently, the sport has quite 73 racing tracks with 40 cities, and in fact , this number has never stopped. additionally to the default tasks, up to eight champion cups are expecting talented riders to compete.

The car collection

Whether racing game or driving simulation, car collection is usually the highest concern of the player. Horizon Chase – World Tour has 21 different vehicles. Supercar models are designed intimately , almost like real-life brands like BMW, McLaren, Ferrari, … Starting with the Grandlo GR45, then you’ll make money after each mission to shop for a replacement car. Some models require you to use cash to unlock.

In addition, the sport allows you to upgrade and customize your vehicle’s parts like engines, wheels, interiors, etc. to finish the challenges, additionally to improving your driving skills, Car upgrades are the only way for you to beat difficult missions.