+ Added the "Clockwork" skin to the Halloween store. The Halloween event runs until October 31st.
+ Some performance improvements.

MOD APK Idle Apocalypse info:

  • Free Shopping

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Idle Apocalypse has just been released this year by Iron Horse Games, and MOD APK (Free Shopping) version is ready. Your goal in this game is to destroy the world and to do this task you need to build a strong army of monsters.

In addition to building, you can also upgrade buildings. This upgrade helps you to open up a new item or monster. Just like when you want to unlock a new beast, you must upgrade your hatchery. A new goblin will appear when you upgrade the mud farm.

As mentioned above, Idle Apocalypse consists of many buildings and each building can only produce one thing at a time. Therefore, you need to ensure that the production chain is maintained and that it is well managed to balance the output. When all is ready, you will join the battle area to destroy the predators and acquire more valuable resources. The fighting mechanism in the game is pretty simple, everything is almost auto attack, so the important thing you need to do is build your base.

In Idle Apocalypse, the important thing to do is to do everything possible to summon evil spirits and make your demon army stronger.