Hi Idle World lovers, thank you so much for being so engaged in this mission of building the world!

This new version will include:
- Bug fixes

Enjoy the experience, see you soon,

Homa & Funcell teams

MOD Idle World info:

  • Unlimited Money: Start the game with unlimited diamonds.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

Idle World (MOD Unlimited Money) is a simulation game that allows managing your own universe, developed by Homa Games. This is a great potential developer. Their game has just been released, but there has been a lot of interest from players around the globe. The initially successful thanks to this game will be a stepping stone for them to continue to develop their potential and create many exciting games.

The universe is the place that covers all matter and space. Diameter more than 10 light years and contains countless galaxies in it. Just like that, you can’t imagine how big and vast it is. In it, extremely small atomic particles, energy exists in parallel. And until now, scientists have not been able to discover it all.

You can explore the universe step by step with Idle World. When you first join the game you will discover the elements in the universe. Start with nanoparticles, then expand your universe and learn about many other things. Nanoparticles are an extremely small particle but have properties like a unit. And now, nanotechnology is being applied in many areas of life such as medicine, optics, electronics, … In addition, you can also add the elements you discover into the collection.

Idle World has simple and idle gameplay. You just need to tap the screen to collect energy and elements to upgrade your universe. Play games even when offline anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the development of the universe even when you’re not around.

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