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Unlimited Money: When using our Jetpack Jump (MOD Unlimited Money), you will be upgraded without worrying about the money you have. NOTE: Money will automatically increase when you upgrade or buy something.

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Jetpack Jump (MOD Unlimited Money) is a casual game by Kwalee publisher. Similar to Voodoo, this publisher is known for simple but addictive arcade games. In this game, you will play the role of a long jump athlete at Olympic. No need to practice or be trained as a professional athlete, you can easily win this game with just a few touches on the screen.

Jump as far as you can

Currently, the 8.95m long jump record of American athlete Mike Powell has not been broken since August 30, 1991. No long jump athlete can break this record after nearly 30 years. But he may not have expected that his record could be broken by Jetpack Jump players.

That right. In this game, you can set a new record, even thousands of times larger than the record above. The main character in the game is a talented, long jump athlete, and he has a device like a guy in Jetpack Joyride (MOD Unlimited Money). The player’s task is to touch accurately so he can jump as far as he can.

Upgrade shoes and Jetpack

To make further jumps, you need to upgrade your devices. There are two necessary upgrades that are shoes and jetpack. Shoes help you jump farther, and jetpack will fly farther when you upgrade. During the flight, you can touch again on the screen to use energy to help you fly further.

When using our Jetpack Jump (MOD Unlimited Money), you will be upgraded without worrying about the money you have. NOTE: Money will automatically increase when you upgrade or buy something.

Besides, the game offers you a special feature that allows you to make passive money. By purchasing money packages before closing the game, you can earn a large amount of money when offline and receive that amount on the next play.

Simple gameplay

The game’s long jump rules are not the same as any other Olympics you know. Jetpack Jump’s gameplay is a loop that includes things like jumping, flying, upgrading shoes and Jetpack, then continuing to jump and set new records. It sounds boring, but the game is really addictive. After running, touch the screen to let the athlete jump, touch the second time for him to jump the next time and when he lands, touch the third time to use Jetpack. The number of points and the amount of gold you receive corresponds to the distance you jump.

There are no enemies or other competitors competing with you. Your enemy is yourself. Please break the record that you have previously set. The reward for you is gold, joy, and excitement. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to explore many different lands when flying by Jetpack. You don’t know where you will land down. It could be a field, a village or a farm.


Not only simple gameplay, but the game’s graphics are also very simple and fun. 3D graphics style like Minecraft, along with harmonious colors bring a pleasant feeling. Controlling the character is easy and smooth, without any delay.

However, Jetpack Jump is considered to be quite monotonous and not very special. The things you do are just repeated, nothing new waiting for you after every win. This can make players feel depressed over time. Hopefully, the publisher will update many interesting modes and new features in the next updates.

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