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MOD APK version of JioSaavn

What’s more in the Pro version of JioSaavn?

JioSaavn is a free, service-oriented freemium application. The user can use the basic features, but is limited in content downloadability and music streaming quality.

JioSaavn offers two Pro and Plus subscription plans. The Plus package only provides two additional features: remove ads and allow music downloads. It costs $ 2 per month. Meanwhile, the Pro version unlocks all the features for $ 3 a month. Specifically, you get some of the following benefits:

  • Unlimited downloads

  • Allows to play music in the highest format

  • No ads

MOD feature

Unlock Pro: The Pro feature has been unlocked. You just need to download the MOD APK version we provide, then install it on your device to use.

Download JioSaavn MOD APK

JioSaavn is one among the most important music streaming services within the Indian region. Some users rate that this app is Bollywood version Spotify with powerful features and great service. you'll download JioSaavn to enjoy the tracks you're keen on in top quality.

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JioSaavn MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) is that the leading Bollywood music app for Android. it’s over 55 million tracks and supports multiple languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Persian, … If you’re a lover of this musical genre , you ought to have JioSaavn on your Android device.

About JioSaavn

What is JioSaavn?

The Bollywood movie industry in India accounts for an outsized share of the worldwide movie industry . Meanwhile, Bollywood music is additionally loved by many many people. This shows that Bollywood features a great appeal which has been chosen by many developers to make their own products.

JioSaavn is taken into account one among the highest music streaming apps in India. It offers over 50 million songs after 14 years of development. because of that, you’ll look for your favorite songs and hear them anytime, anywhere.

JioSaavn features a very diverse music streaming platform. you’ll look for content through keyword search or select available categories within the application. This app statistics the foremost popular songs in real time. As a result, you’ll always keep track of the rankings by week, month or the foremost trending trends.

Blending music and emotions

Sometimes, taking note of music goes beyond entertainment. Some people blend their emotions with melodies, humming lyrics as if the song is writing about themselves. Understanding this, JioSaavn has created playlists supported emotion. you’ll find energetic, fun songs, songs crammed with joys or melancholy love songs.

JioSaavn always updates and refreshes these playlists. you’ll search and find out relevant content within the “Pick Your Mood” category.

Editor’s Choice

Not only statistics and updates on new content, JioSaavn also edits songs and provides you with the simplest rated and most loved songs. What are the foremost romantic songs of 2020 you guess? Chal Ghar Chalen? Meri Aashiqui? or Bheegi Bheegi? India’s hottest POPs or artists who get the foremost attention? you’ll find the answers to all or any of those questions within the editor’s menu .

To be honest, this category contains most of the hit songs for who love Bollywood music. I often visit that. I can add albums or single songs during this category to favorites. I also can download all the songs i prefer to concentrate offline.


Besides music, JioSaavn also provides Bollywood Podcasts. you’ll follow the foremost popular and favorite shows by artists or speakers.

Personally, I quite like “Five Minutes With Faye” and “Holistic Lifestyle With Neha Ranglani”. These Podcasts even made it to the highest of the editor’s choice. Maybe, you would like to listen to them too!

In addition, I also can offer you a couple of suggestions. Neha Dhupia’s “No Filter Neha” Podcasts series is additionally notable. She has released 5 seasons with many inventions .

What’s new within the latest version of JioSaavn?

As of 2015, JioSaavn added a social networking feature that permits artists to make personal profiles and make independent albums. Users can follow their artists, albums or playlists. Of course, users also can share those things with their friends via social networks like Facebook and Instagam.