New features in Version 5.6.3
- Improved user experience

About MOD version JOOX Music

A little hint for you, JOOX Music has a mod version, and you can download it to your device. This version of the application offers the premium features that you must spend more than a penny to get. Isn’t it exciting? Let’s get to our website, and download JOOX Music Modded now!


● Vip/Vvip Subscription Unlocked
● K-Plus Subscription Unlocked
● Ads/Services Disabled
● Analytics Disabled
● CPU architectures: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a

JOOX is only supported in Hong Kong - China, Macao - China, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and South Africa

Download Now for Android JOOX Music Premium APK

JOOX Music may be a music player that any concert-goer should have. the appliance is sort of compact, but it brings an enormous music store to your Android phone.

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The music industry has entered the streaming decade when music lovers subscribe music streaming services to concentrate to their artists. Alongside Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc, is JOOX Music, a streaming music service that comes from Tencent Mobility Limited. More importantly, it isn’t the primary successful product that its developer has ever made, which proves its solid quality.

By the top of 2019, JOOX Music has received 100 million downloads on Google Play Store only. This application features a promising future within the upcoming years thanks to the rapid climb within the number of users monthly .

Stream any of your favorite songs

Streaming music with JOOX Music is straightforward as a bit of cake. The user can download the appliance and stream music immediately, as long as he connects his device to the web . quite a limited music source, the appliance offers an enormous music library with billions of songs in various genres. From the ‘pop’ songs to indie tracks, there’s nothing that the user can’t hear . There’s no obligation to point that the user must stream the songs he likes online.

JOOX Music allows the user to download/save the music to his account for the offline demand. the very best quality songs are going to be lying down within the user’s library, and that they will only disappear when the appliance is not any longer available on the device. Not only the audios, but the appliance also offers video streaming, with the source of quite two million different music videos.

Trending Music

The user can trust the music charts of JOOX Music. Several charts are available within the application to point out the user what the planet is taking note of . for instance , if the user approaches the “English Top Hits” chart, then he are going to be ready to hear the most-streamed English songs during a specific period.

The world’s music taste keeps changing day by day, and JOOX Music plays the role of a connection to users from different regions. The user can easily share the songs he likes to his friends and spread the tunes across the continents. It’s easier than ever to understand about the worldwide desire, also as continue with the world’s heartbeat.

Professional music player

There are three different parts within the layout of JOOX Music’s player. the primary part is that the artist picture, or album cover, which allows the user to understand what artist is dominating his music experience. Every song within the application has the complete lyrics coming with it, and therefore the user can read through it with the timing feature. whenever when a line within the song pops, the appliance will highlight that very same part within the lyrics, more or less sort of a Karaoke version. At rock bottom of the layout is several tools, which help the user to download, star mark, comment about the song, or shuffle the playlist.

What makes JOOX Music different from the opposite applications within the same type is that the user won’t be hearing audio ads. additionally thereto , the appliance allows the user to play their songs on demand, with none limit.

More than just a community

In reference to the application’s connecting role, JOOX Music allows the user to approach over fifty different radio stations. Besides streaming the songs the user wants directly, he also can spend time chilling with the life’s breathe with the radio feature. An immense number of songs and hits across the world will surprise the user’s ears. The radio stations are listed by themes, categories, and music genres.

Karaoke Time!

Music lovers tend to sing well. Unfortunately, there’s not much music application that permits the user to sing. JOOX Music may be a cool application with the Singing feature. The user can choose the karaoke version of the song and record their singing thereto .

The developer team keeps updating plenty of beautiful instrument tracks a day for the user to possess the simplest karaoke time. The karaoke records are at the “My karaoke” tab on the user’s main page. Even more, the user can see his rank within the karaoke chart, which praises those with the most important contribution to the karaoke field of this application.

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