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MOD APK info:

  • Unlimited Money: If you are a knife enthusiast, knife collection is your dream in this game. When using the MOD version, you can use the game’s unique knives. All are unlocked.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

Come to Knife Hit, you will learn how to become a dagger-master like the talented ninja. Your task in the game is simply hitting a knife. Yes, you need to throw knives on the boards that the game offers. It sounds simple, but the game offers many challenges that make it difficult for you to hit the target. The rotation will continuously turn left, right, fast, slow rotation to give you difficulties. If you accidentally knocked your knife into a previously mounted knife, the game will end immediately.

Knife Hit possesses a play-through mode combined with endless play. There are enough knives required by the game that you can cross the screen. In addition, the apples on the play screen are the spoils that you can collect. Try to eat as many apples as possible by knocking on them to unlock items in the game. Each knife hit will count one point. Throw as much power as you can to create unbeaten records in Knife Hit. Win your friends on the honour page of the game. In addition, the completion of the task will bring about a series of noble badges in Knife Hit. Very interesting, right?


In addition, it is impossible to mention the special system in Knife Hit. After every 4 games, you will face a Boss. Your goal is not wood boards, but rather a variety of interesting things like a compass, a cake, or even a cheese plate. These special stages are much harder than the normal ones, requiring you to be very careful in every shot. However, winning these games will bring you a lot of points and apples.

Unlock knives

Use the number of apples you collect to unlock dozens of full-colour and cool-designs knives in the game. If you are a knife collector then surely Knife Hit arsenal will make you lovers. When playing Knife Hit, I feel extremely inhibited because unfortunately to lose. But that is the attraction of Knife Hit, make you want to play again and again.

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