Version 2.6.2: Fix Facebook login.
Version 2.6.0:
1) Main Story Ch. VII "Escape and Destruction" is now available!
2) New Secret Library Selection Vol. 1 "Dance with Thanatos" with 10 tracks including "Thanatos / xi" and "dope dope dope / Sakuzyo" from "Ritmo's Secret Library."
3) New track "Memoria / Otsukisamakokyokyoku" added to Side Story Ch. 1.
4) New function "Vision Crystal Ball": Purchase one to access a locked Main Story chapter. See "Shop" page for details.

MOD APK Lanota info:

  • Unlock All Chapters: As mentioned, half the game is extended chapters and you will have to pay to buy them. However, that is no longer the only way, because we have brought you the MOD APK version. 16 paid chapters of Lanota already unlocked.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

All premium content has been unlocked in Lanota MOD APK (Unlocked All Chapters) version. Download the APK and OBB files of this game to experience it completely free.

Piano Tiles is one of the most popular rhythm games in the world. It was developed very early, so it has become a trend for players and an inspiration for developers.

Lanota has simple gameplay, synchronized between visual and rhythm. When you start a challenge, you need to do several things tap (Click), flick, and slide (Rail) on the screen. The notes will continuously appear and move towards the Notalium.

In general, Lanota has pretty similar gameplay to Piano Tiles. You should not miss any notes, because that will make the song is not perfect. However, if you accidentally skip a note, the game will continue.

But, there are also some differences that you need to keep in mind. The game system came up with a series of instructions that you should only process musical notes the moment they hit the Notalium. At that time, the melody really plays. If you touch the moment too soon or too late, the game will generate a warning that you have failed.

Of course, as the plot gradually expands, the new songs will also be unlocked. Some songs have a pretty interesting sound but have lots of notes. And that will cause you to touch the screen more. Some other songs include non-verbal pieces, and you’ll be a little more leisurely, when most of the notes are long, and you just need to slide across the screen most of the time.

Lanota’s journey is divided into 6 main chapters, 2 sub-chapters and 16 extended chapters. Each chapter covers a series of locations, with different tracks.

You will have to take turns passing challenges of each track to unlock new maps and new chapters. 6 main chapters and 2 subchapters will take place sequentially. Meanwhile, you can play extended chapters at any time.