Hero Changes:
1.Magic Scorch:
Casts magic fire at an enemy,dealing continuous damage
while in effect.After 3s it will explode,dealing
damage to enemies nearby,infecting them with magic
fire which will also explode after 3s.
Enemies already infected once with magic fire
will not get infected a second time.

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Just say it's not enough to list all the great of this game, please download the sport via the links below to play and knowledge it. i think that you simply will certainly be attracted and addicted Magic Rush: Heroes right from the primary play.

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Strategy game – a classic game genre that draws more and more players because it not only helps entertain but also develops reasoning for players. Some popular strategy games like AOE, StarCraft, The King of Towers, Clash of Clans,… Magic Rush: Heroes APK may be a tactical role-playing game, one among the foremost popular arcade games within the world. it’s excellent and price playing. Let’s determine what Magic: Rush Heroes is, what good during this game.

About Magic Rush: Heroes

Magic Rush: Heroes was released on May 28, 2015, by the publisher Elex, an excellent combination of RPG, RTS, and tower defense. the sport features beautiful graphics, many levels, multiplayer modes and daily quests with challenging play. Since its release, the sport updated by the publisher to enhance supported the player feedback, so Magic Rush: Heroes is well received and attracts more and more players round the world.


Magic Rush: Heroes takes the player into a historical adventure, where players will rally heroes to fight within the battles to defend your kingdom. the sport has many heroes with different skills but those are divided into 5 types: Marksman, Mage, Tank, Support, and Canoon. counting on the extent and therefore the individual strength of every hero, you’ll arrange different positions so as to win the dominion . generally , most of the time you employ auto-attack when the cumulative point enough your heroes can use special skills and that we can adjust the skill of the hero to launch an inexpensive thanks to optimize the damage to destroy the enemy.


Magic Rush: Heroes features a 2D graphics design almost like League of Legends, the developer makes skill of the monster diversity, hero’s skill has many beautiful effects. The sound of the sport doesn’t have any special because it’s a repetitive song.

Defend your kingdom

Depending on each level, each hero can act as a tower to shoot enemies on the thanks to protect the dominion during defensive stages, otherwise you can arrange the fighters within the battle to fight them. whenever you face to the last stage you’ll receive a replacement wall, you’ll also use gold to upgrade equipment to extend the strength and defense of your heroes or buy a replacement hero. additionally to the varied task systems, players also can participate in PVP mode with other players and win attractive prizes. attempt to complete the task, play PVP mode to possess money and upgrade many items.