1. Introducing the new Epic Hero - Fanny (Light/Fighter)!
2. The Realm of Legends now has a new Chapter for Fanny. Can you help her make the right choice?
3. Adjusted the Skill mechanism and attributes of two Bosses in the Battle of Fate.

Download Mobile Legends: Adventure APK for Android

A great role-playing game, an additional game that can exploit the stories of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Just a few touches, you can prove who has the best tactics of Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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Mobile Legends: Adventure APK is a strategic role-playing game based on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – one of the best MOBA games on mobile. The publisher Moonton developed the official sequel to Bang Bang with the story that followed his predecessor. There are many familiar things if you ever play Bang Bang, and there are many new things if you love this MOBA game and want to explore more about the story or characters.

Collect characters

The story of this game opens a new chapter in the Land of Dawn. You will accompany the familiar heroes in Bang Bang, participate in the battle against the forces of darkness and protect the kingdom.

Collecting powerful heroes is the core element for you to win this game. You have the opportunity to meet your favorite characters in Bang Bang like Roger, Dyrroth, Badang, Thamuz, …


The strength of the heroes is constantly improved. Like a MOBA game, heroes can increase their stats by equipping Rune. Besides, you can equip them with lots of powerful weapons and armor.

PvP and PvE mode

When playing Mobile Legends: Adventure, there are two modes to choose from PvP Arena and Endless Tower Climbing. Break your limits every day with Endless Tower Climbing. Stronger enemies after each level, you also need to upgrade your squad and change the tactics accordingly

Besides, PvP Arena is the place for you to challenge other online players. Like a MOBA match, you can use any 5 heroes to fight with other players. The strategy is the key to victory. Sometimes, the 5 most powerful heroes cannot win against 5 heroes who have a clear role and can overcome each other’s weaknesses. Defeat other players, try to climb the highest possible rankings.


Heroes are divided into 6 different power systems, which means having different roles in the match. For example, the Tanker has a leading role in the team and receive most of the enemy’s damage, Mage is a magician who has great magic power, Marksman is a gunner with great physical damage, … The skills of the heroes are also remade to match a role-playing game.

A good strategy will help you win in Mobile Legends: Adventure. You can change any position of team members with other heroes you have. In my opinion, you should use a hero with the Support role, he has the ability to heal and increased strength for the whole team.

Carefree Idle mode

In addition, Mobile Legends: Adventure also has another extremely interesting mode which is Carefree Idle. In this mode, your heroes automatically fight monsters even when you’re offline. Before closing the game, open this mode. After that, gold and lots of rewards will be automatically transferred to your inventory the next time you log in.

Beautiful graphics

The graphics of the game are very impressive, although only in 2D format. The characters are designed in chibi style instead of the original version, so they look very cute and funny. Bright colors, beautiful effects, sharp images. Besides, the sound is also very lively with the music part and the voice acting is extremely detailed.


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