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  • God Mode

  • High Damage

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Whether you're a lover of fantasy worlds, hooked in to building splendid cities or dreaming of mighty armies, Mobile Royale may be a game that converges everything you would like .

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Mobile Royale MOD APK (God Mode, High Damage) is an attractive MMORPG online game where you become a talented leader.

About Mobile Royale

A great war is close to end. Your army, though bruised but still in good spirits, decided to hold out the ultimate suicide attack. within the middle of the fierce battle, things appeared to be during a standstill. Then you unleash a decisive blow: the dwarf army raids from behind the enemy and smashes into the enemy archer, at an equivalent time your powerful dragon plunges and burn everything. When your warriors take down the enemy’s last general, enemy soldiers also flee. Every tough fight takes you closer to your goals. Vollandia has been separated for an extended time, it’s time to merge into one.

Build your own tribe

In Mobile Royale, the successor version is totally improved from the famous strategy game Lords Mobile, you’ll lead an emerging tribe within the vivid phantasy world called Vollandia. Believed by the legendary Dragon Guardian, you seek to unite different tribes and unify this divided land.

To accomplish this great plan, you’ve got to form many choices , each of which has important implications. you’re taking on the responsibility of building an outsized fortress, summoning generals, researching technology then managing commercial and diplomatic activities with other races. On the massive world map, you’ll control the military to destroy monsters, occupy important strategic villages or steal items from other players’ cities. during this game, you’ll even have the chance to shop for useful items to upgrade your Guardian Dragon and your heroes.

All of those things have the advantage in “brainstorming” battles in campaign mode. Under your command, generals from different races will stand side by side, armed with the foremost powerful weapons and armor. Arrange the formation accordingly, apply wisely tactics and summon dragons at the proper time to possess the chance to overturn things .

Join fierce battles

Of course, there’s no commander who fighting alone to win. Help members within the same guild develop their city, plan joint action and contribute to massive projects like Fortress Flying or Battleship. When your guild is stronger, you’ll receive a rewarding reward.

Summon new heroes

Talking about graphics, the sport builds amazing images, Mobile Royale characters are beautifully drawn, imaginative designs and stunning, detailed graphics.