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You don’t have a girlfriend? Want to find a game that helps you improve your ability to communicate with women and learn more about women’s psychology? Or are you a romantic guy and love enjoying cute love stories? Let play this game. My Nurse Girlfriend (MOD Free Premium Choices) is an extremely attractive simulation game from Genius Studio. This is the game of the visual novel genre – the forte genre of the publisher from Japan. Evidence is that their entire game belongs to this genre and is loved by a large number of players.

The story

If you have a boring high school period and don’t have too many memories (like me), this game gives you the experience you can hardly find in any other game. When playing My Nurse Girlfriend, you play as a handsome and extremely famous guy. You are the superstar in the school team, the dream of every girl in your town. But one day, you had an injury and had to go to the hospital with a broken leg.

He thought he was going to have a series of days of blackness and meaninglessness in the hospital, but life always brought surprises at the darkest times. You realize that the two nurses who take care of you are the most beautiful girls in town. Not only that, but the patient girl in the next bed is also very beautiful. Your leg needs more days to be discharged. Is this vacation something too bad?


If you have questions about the visual novel genre, then this is a fairly familiar genre, often seen in Japanese games. Some games include Summertime Saga, Fap CEO. This game has a very minimalistic way of playing. Most of the time, you just need to touch the screen to develop the story, including images, text and sound. Most of these games have many different storylines. The player selects “decision points”, thereby selecting the direction of the plot as desired.

Information about three beautiful girls

  • Louisa: Nurse is beautiful and sexy. However, she is older than you. She is a sweet person and has a kind heart. She has worked for many years in the hospital, so she has more experience than other nurses. She is also a sensitive, innocent and easily deceived girl.
  • Miki: The nurse in Tsundere style. Can understand that Miki is a girl who looks cold and hard to approach. Occasionally, she even seems uncomfortable. But inside, Miki is very warm and quite shy. Maybe she keeps her distance, but maybe she also cares about everyone but doesn’t know how to do it, leading to clumsy, somewhat adorable actions. Let’s find out!
  • Rena: Another patient stays in the same room as you. This is a personality girl and always likes to handle things in her own way. She has a very interesting personality. Talk, learn more about her stories. Chances are, this is the love you are looking for.


Character design is often a strong point of visual novel games. Moreover, Genius Studio always does very well with anime-style female characters. My Nurse Girlfriend is no exception. The three main characters all have extremely beautiful looks, which is every boy’s dream. The character speaks with very cute and soulful expressions. Besides, their voices are also very cute.


Besides the main plot, you can play some mini-games to get lots of interesting gifts. In the lucky spin, when you get the same three symbols, you get ruby and some other rewards. If you wonder what to do with the ruby in My Nurse Girlfriend, let me explain it to you. Some choices require you to have ruby, called Premium Choices. It gives you quite daring choices, such as giving Louisa an affectionate hug or asking Miki to have lunch.

Premium Choices

To get Premium Choices, you need ruby. Unfortunately, its price is not cheap, and you can earn very little ruby from mini-games. We bring you a solution, which is to use My Nurse Girlfriend (MOD Free Premium Choices). You can choose Premium Choices for free. If you touch once but have not seen anything happen, choose one more time.