-Added more one-tap templates for Halloween.
-Added more trending stickers for Halloween.
-Added the feature of Magnifier in Eraser.
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About MOD APK version PicsKit

MOD feature

VIP Unlock: All VIP features, filters have been unlocked.

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With PicsKit, the photographs you're taking now aren't just pure pictures, but it’s an art. The photos you create yourself will make people admire and luxuriate in . Now, you'll also easily catch trends following the trends on social networks.

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PicsKit (VIP Unlocked) is one among the simplest photo editors available for Android mobile. Want to form your photos more impressive? Please click on the link below to download this handy application.

About PicsKit

Social networks are increasingly developing, trends and trends are increasingly new and rich. Surely you’re too conversant in selfies with funny facial stickers, right? PicsKit helps you create such pictures during a very simple and fast way. Not only that, but PicsKit also has a lot of other interesting editing features. Now you’ll manually edit your favorite photos on your own phone like professional photographers.

The best photo editing app

As a photograph editor, PicsKit possesses all the essential features like face editing, background removal and removal, water drop effects, neon lights, unlimited photo layers, … This feature allows users to unleash creativity and make the foremost impressive and unique photos.

Many people need a photo with diverse backgrounds like sunrise, sunset, garden or horizon, … However, changing the background also as removing the colour tone isn’t simple. PicsKit will assist you with this. it’s integrated the feature of extremely high accuracy background erasure, besides that there are great background patterns for you to settle on from.

In addition, PicsKit also owns Double Exposure effect that helps us create fanciful pictures from two available photos. This effect is difficult to use if only done by hand. However, PicsKit has been programmed to simplify the features while preserving the sweetness of the consequences .

Friendly interface

PicsKit may be a versatile photo-editing application. Besides the essential features, this application also integrates many advanced features which will be difficult for users. However, it’s a user-friendly interface, with each feature detailed instructions to be used .

In addition, the features are neatly placed in two toolbars round the screen. It allows users to simply choose and find necessary and suitable functions for your photo. It’s such as you are employing a dedicated camera. This makes PicsKit incredibly professional yet incredibly simple to use.

You will have the foremost impressive photos to share on social networks

With PicsKit, now you don’t got to believe professional photographers to urge the top quality photos you would like . additionally to the above effects features, users can completely retouch the body, smooth and rejuvenate the skin. This helps you look slimmer and younger.

In addition, you’ll choose the topic of the photo through filters and Blending modes. Image overlays create double exposure to artistic effects with various blending styles. Use the double exposure filter to seamlessly stitch photos and make surreal photo montages with different blending modes.

One interesting thing that helps PicsKit continue with the present trend is funny stickers and memes. Stickers with different themes are updated weekly. additionally , players can create custom stickers by themselves using eraser and Cutout. Thus, you’ll build a library with unique stickers created by you. A feature is that not many apps own.