• New smooth workspace 2.0
• New 'Overlay Menu', you can move it now!
• 'Pure View' feature added, it can hide most of UI (Overlay Menu)
• 'Tap to Stretch' feature added (behind the canvas)
• Drag grey outer space to move the canvas with one finger
• Free MP4 export (4h timeout)
• Save options for selected area
• Split Screen support (iOS)
• Parental Control (Settings)
• Minor improvements and bug fixes

What’s more in Pixel Studio Pro version?

Many advanced tools are unlocked. Besides, you'll not be bothered by ads appearing on the screen.

About MOD APK version of Pixel Studio

MOD features

  • Unlocked Pro features

  • No Ads

  • Unlocked synchronization

  • Unlocked Premium color sets

Download Pixel Studio MOD APK

Pixel Studio is one among the straightforward and versatile drawing applications available. it's an easy interface, advanced features, and a quick GIF creation process. With just cute and animated drawings, you'll create vivid 8-bit, 16-bit images.

- Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
- Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

Pixel Studio MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) may be a useful application for creating pixel-art animation. the appliance has an intuitive interface and is extremely easy to use. Join me to experience this application, this may be where you’ll unleash your creativity.

About Pixel Studio

All images or resolutions always use pixels as units of measurement. The more pixels there are within the image, the more vividness and realism are shown. However, pixels also are wont to design lovely images or as graphics of classic RPGs. If you would like to explore or paint with pixels, give Pixel Studio a try.

What is Pixel Studio?

Pixel Studio may be a drawing and style application that permits you to make pixel images also as GIF animations. There are tons of familiar painting tools, you’ll use the ‘pencil’ to draw simple lines on the grid, or eraser to repair imperfections, pour paint into the gaps.

Of course, the app also will have buttons to undo and redo any changes. the straightforward task is to make designs counting on your ability to make , edit, and transform images.

A friendly interface

Other digital painting applications will have complex interfaces that need tons of operations to access features. With Pixel Studio, this app features a super simple, intuitive interface to form it easy to know how the app works.

Before beginning to draw, the app will display all of your previous works (if applicable), including display name and date. But while drawing is different, the middle are going to be an area for you to precise your creativity. and therefore the top and bottom of the screen will respectively be the colour palette and toolset. you’ll use many various colors, you’ll even adjust the colour to form the image more detailed.

The photos on Pixel Studio are going to be elaborated the maximum amount as possible to bring you a spread of emotions. For that reason, the app’s zoom feature is a crucial one. It allows you to possess more detailed and vivid strokes at a given size. especially , Pixel Studio also allows you to use the dot feature. A nifty feature that helps you add tiny details without affecting the entire picture.

Create GIF animations

The reason pixel drawings are so popular is because it’s the right material for GIF animations. With Pixel Studio, it’s easy to make unique and fun GIFs animations, then send them to your friends. After you’ve got all the drawings you would like , you’ll cash in of the animation feature and make GIF images.

More interestingly, the appliance allows you to regulate the transition speed, can insert a myriad of various textured photos to form the image more vivid.

Lots of drawing tools

Other drawing apps will always bring you a spread of brushes. Each stroke has its own characteristics to form a difference within the picture, also on represent objects. Pixel Studio is different, because it only allows you to use just one brush, but allows you to customize the pixel size. especially , your stroke are going to be pixelated and resized as desired.

When using the pixel brush, you only draw simple lines and use a spread of colours to fill the gaps.

This application works an equivalent way as the other drawing application. But the most difference is that the support and always help users create pixel-style photos. It are often said, with pixel brush, everything will become simpler and convey more feeling to the viewer. Your creativity also will be strongly stimulated once you only got to use colors and straightforward lines to precise your ideas.

Additionally, Pixel Studio has support for both the Samsung S-Pen and therefore the Apple Pencil.