- Save files moved to private folder (in order to prepare it for scoped storage... sigh!)
- Added WELL TESTED codes for Pokemon Fire Red
- Fixed cheats parse
- Fixed copy folder from old to new storage location
- Fixed local multiplayer bug
- Fixed boxarts location
- Added notify to the ones upgrading from free to pro
- Fixed load of save files of 64k
- Fixed cheats parsing

Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK for Android

The game music is also reproduced with 100% standard. Just listen to the melody of each game screen, I’m sure, how many memories come back to your mind. Let’s go guys! Download Pizza Boy GBA Pro APK for free here.

- Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
- Read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.

The description of Pizza Boy GBA Pro MOD APK

The finest emulator of handheld is here!

Common features with Pizza Boy GBA Free

– Very high scores in precision tests
– Totally written in C and assembly for incredible performance and low battery consumption
– cash in of OpenGL and OpenSL native libraries for video and audio performance to the highest
– 60 FPS guaranteed even on old hardware
– Save and restore states
– Slow motion/Fast forward
– Buttons size and position total customization
– Hardware joypads support
– Shaders
– Supports zip and 7z archives

Warning! Roms not included!

Enhancements compared to the free version:

– Beautiful GUI
– Customizable skins
– Cheats
– Google Drive sync
– Quick/Auto save
– Local and Wifi multiplayer
– An enhanced settings menu
– Improved system
– BIOS support
– Cartridges hardware (gyroscope, light sensor, tilt sensor, rumble pack) support
– Rewind