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Unlimited Money.

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Please turn off your Internet or the game will force close.

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I’m a Star Wars fan so cosmic games always make me feel excited. If you are looking for a simple game for fun then I think Planet Bomber! is quite suitable and you can try.

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Voodoo – a well known game developer with variety of straightforward and fun games to assist players entertain quite well that I introduced to you during a number of previous articles like Car Merger, Splashy,… Today, i will be able to introduce you another simple but fun game called Planet Bomber! (MOD Unlimited Money).

Planet Bomber was released on April 28, 2018, with an easy design combined with addictive gameplay, where players are going to be ready to enjoy bombing missions destructing asteroids the foremost intense on mobile.

Simple gameplay

The emergence of strange planets makes human life threatened. Research shows that those are prepared to crash into the world , so people got to do something before it’s too late. Fleet attention! Focus your firepower and destroy them. That right, in Planet Bomber! your mission is to regulate the bombs then bomb down the planets until they’re destroyed. so as for the planets to be destroyed quickly, i feel you ought to aim at a target and concentrate firepower thereon . To do so, you would like to the touch the screen and adjust the bombs you would like to attack.

The planets orbiting the Sun, so you would like to accurately determine the coordinates of the rocket, adjust the bomb to interrupt a hole large enough of the earth then you’ll adjust the bomb by touching the highest side of the earth . If you touch on the middle of the earth , the bombs will randomly fire on the outer shell, thus reducing the effectiveness. during this game, you would like to earn tons of cash to assist you upgrade your bombs. eager to make pile , there’s no other way than to play hard to destroy as many planets as possible.

Similar to the opposite Voodoo games, all you would like to try to to is simply touch and touch to regulate the missile without having to hold out complicated operations. If you simply have 10 minutes of free time between working hours and need to seek out a game to relax, Planet Bomber! are often an ideal choice for you.

Upgrade your bombs

Want to destroy the planets faster, you’ll unlock the bombs by destroying the planets, then you’ll also upgrade the facility , accuracy, and frequency of the bombs. the primary thing you want to to try to to is upgrade the facility , which can increase the explosion radius of the bombs, which suggests that every time your missile hits the earth it’ll destroy the larger area. this is often a basic upgrade and really important within the game, so you upgrade it max first. Followed by upgrading the gravity and accuracy of the bombs, these two factors also are important, which can help your bombs reach specific locations more accurately.

You can also improve the speed of spawning the bombs. once you upgrade this part, whenever you bomb a planet, the amount of bombs thrown out more. However, upgrading this part will cost tons of cash so you would like to think about carefully.

Tip: you’ll download Planet Bomber MOD APK, this version gives you infinite money and diamonds. Besides activating Elite Membership. therefore the game are going to be easier for you without having to spend any money.


Like the previous Voodoo titles, Planet Bomber! was designed supported a comparatively simple 2D platform, thanks to the aim of this title mainly to assist players entertain and wait . Sound effects are exciting with bombs flying into the earth looks pretty interesting.

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