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About MOD APK version of Pocket Build

What is Pocket Build MOD APK?

Pocket Build MOD APK is a modified version of the original game. It gives you a number of benefits. Specifically, you have a lot of Gold, Wood and Food.

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Gold, Wood and Food increase as you use.


What does Pocket Build MOD APK bring to you?
Pocket Build has three main resources including Gold, Wood. They are not available, but with the MOD APK version we provide, you can use them infinitely.

Should you use the MOD APK version or not?

In survival mode, resources can only be earned through mining or quests. If you don’t want to do these activities and still have plenty of resources to build, create life, and maintain your small world, the MOD version of Pocket Build is for you.

How to install Pocket Build MOD APK?

This game only has a single APK file. You download it to your device, double-tap the file to open and install as usual.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

In Pocket Build MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you’ll be happy to shopping and building everything you would like without worry about money.

About Pocket Build

Nowadays, sandbox games are getting more and more popular and are chosen by people to entertain in free times. Among them, Minecraft and Minecraft Earth are the 2 most prominent names. they’re designed with open play (also referred to as the open-world), that specialize in exploring and creativity. If you’re trying to find something new, try Pocket Build, MOONBEAR’s extremely innovative simulation game.

Build your own world

If you’ve ever dreamed of a world with tall buildings or merely a peaceful country , you’ve got the chance to understand your dream during this game.

Pocket Build provides many unique models for you to make your own world. the sport begins with an empty land in Pocket Town, surrounded by large lakes and weeds. Regenerate this place into a crowded town by building houses to draw in residents, create gardens for people to start out farming, create boats so residents can catch fish.

The creativity during this game is infinite. The set of tools that it provides is extremely detailed, all of which are simulated from the important world. The models of homes , roads or a particular structure are available, you only got to select and place them in an appropriate position on the bottom . But if you don’t like what’s available, you’ll also build a building from each brick or soil and stone.

Survival mode

In a recent update, the developer MOONBEAR has updated to their product new items and survival mode. Now you’ll gather resources and enter survival challenges in nature. Will these new things bring players an honest experience? you discover the solution yourself!


The game features a fairly large top-down perspective, you’ll easily cover a whole area while you’ll still zoom up to ascertain objects in additional detail.

Moreover, the graphics with the minimalistic style are extremely beautiful. Those castles, rows of trees or large lakes vividly appear. because of the artistic design and harmonious colors, players will soon be immersed during a phantasy world created by themselves.

Sound is additionally a highlight. it’s quite gentle, changing with each player’s development stage. The music is extremely relaxing and that i think you’ll like it soon.

The task system

Pocket Build brings creative elements and you’ll be more creative if you’ve got more to create . within the beginning, the sport provided most of the things , but some more special materials or building like a windmill or an influence plant weren’t available. you would like to perform quests to realize experience, resources to unlock items.

In other words, the upper the extent , the more unique your world becomes, the building of many castles surrounded by trees and hills and mountains is not any longer a difficult thing to try to to .

On the opposite hand, these tasks also are very simple. The system also provides instructions and descriptions so you’ll capture them as specifically as possible.