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Build and explore the lovable city together with your own adorable dogs. Shiba, Siberian husky , Poodle and dozens of other dogs are waiting to be unlocked. What quite dog shit you like? And which species are going to be created once you merge the 2 Golden dogs?

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About Puppy Town

Puppy Town exposes a cute world with cute puppies. Believe me, they will melt the hearts of anyone who loves animals.

Thanks to the straightforward idle gameplay, combined with cute style, Puppy Town has attracted quite 5 million downloads. you’ll also join Puppy Town, build yourself a town of thousands of puppies, make many money, attract residents and build this place to be the foremost livable place on the earth .


Initially, your town was quite small and sparsely populated. But soon, the expansion of Puppy Town residents will surprise you.

Your task is to breed dogs to form new breeds. However, the breeding process doesn’t follow normal principles. Initially, you will be provided Shiba Inu dog with a shocking appearance with golden fur. Merge two Shiba, you’ll create a Siberian husky . the tactic continues like that, you get many new dog breeds.

Puppy Town also has an automatic breeding mode in real-time. you simply need to turn it on and await all the dogs to be merged. However, if you don’t want the tactic to be interrupted, you’ll speed up by clicking the puppy icon at the lowest of the screen. the upper the dog’s level, the additional money you earn.

Puppy Town’s gameplay could also be a touch repetitive. generally , you merely unlock puppies, get new dogs, merge to breed more advanced dogs. But trust me, this game still features a charm that forestalls you from taking your eyes off your phone.

Get a replacement puppy

As mentioned above, Puppy Town always provides Shiba Inu dogs after a specific amount of some time (when the icon at the lowest of the screen is filled). If you’d wish to hurry up this process many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of time, you’ll buy the dogs straight from the shop . There are many kinds of puppies with levels from low to high. Naturally, the price corresponds to what they’re going to offer.

However, i do not encourage you to buy for dogs from the shop timely . the price of the primary dogs are getting to be the lowest , but after you buy repeatedly , their price will increase. and every dog breed will permanently increase the price since you bought them. So instead of pin money , plan to merge/breed dogs by hand many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of your money.

Level up and open a replacement crib

Completing daily tasks, unifying your puppy will provide you with experience. When the experience bar is filled up, you’ll level up and be able to unlock new kennels for puppies. meaning you’ve more room to remain your puppy.

Doing daily tasks

Besides expecting your dogs to make money, completing daily tasks is differently of making money. There are 6 tasks per day. they’re listed and expecting you to proceed. Each mission brings a superb reward. you’ll select tasks by accessing them from the list within the upper right corner of the screen.

Try to complete the task before the highest of the day. Because on a replacement day, old quests are getting to be removed and replaced with a replacement task list.

Benefit from the ads video

Advertising is what always annoying and makes players lose interest. But, Puppy Town cleverly combined ads to help players get more valuable rewards. Whenever you see ads, you double your rewards or get something for free of charge of charge . especially , the first time you see the ad within the star section, the reward is automatically merging in 3 minutes. this is often often awesome, isn’t it?

Receive gifts

Sometimes you’ll see, instead of supplying you with a replacement Shiba, Puppy Town will provide you with a gift box. These gift boxes appear randomly otherwise you’ll get for free of charge of charge from the shop after a few of hours of play. nobody can predict the gift boxes will bring you what surprises. Don’t miss out, because you’ll likely get a rare dog!

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