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If you're a lover of racing games, Rebel Racing may be a game you ought to not miss. Beautiful graphics, real experience, high levels of competition, famous models, and subtly handled physical motions are what you’ll notice when experiencing it.

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If you’re trying to find a racing game that has beautiful graphics and interesting gameplay, surely, Rebel Racing APK latest version won’t cause you to disappointed.

About Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing – a racing game on mobile platforms has recently received the eye of the many players. Although only a complete capacity of only 300MB, but the graphics and physical motion processing is meant intimately like other racing games on the PC platform. Developers are constantly improving the standard , also because the user experience, when updating versions, fixing bugs and additions supported the acquisition of reviews. i feel this game should get on your android device to bring more entertainment after stressful working and studying hours.


In a racing game, the goal every driver must achieve is to succeed in the finishing line . you’ve got many competitors. they struggle to urge ahead in the least costs, even collisions. whenever there’s a drag , like turning over, hitting an obstacle, or going outside the race track, the car are going to be stopped. this suggests that the car must start with a starting speed of 0 and until the utmost speed is reached, it’ll take a while . Therefore, improve the control of your car to limit unnecessary accidents.

At the start of the sport , Ava – a gorgeous assistant will appear and provides an summary of a number of the most functions. she is going to guide you thru the acquisition of a car, and the way to start out the primary race.

For each victory, you’ll receive money, like the achievement (time and position). they will be wont to upgrade cars, replace better parts, or maybe buy a replacement one.

As for the control, the developer has reduced to the purpose that there are only two left and right navigation buttons left. this suggests that they need to specialise in exploiting skills from players. Actions like Drift, or acceleration are not any longer available. Instead, they added a blue arrow line extending from the start line to the destination. If you’ll move with them, the speed are going to be increased, and you’ll perform the Drift technique easily. Perhaps, you furthermore may know that, in tight bends, Drift may be a good technique to stay the speed of movement. If impossible , you’ll be left behind.

How far are you able to go?

At the start of the sport , the races are quite short and straightforward to win. However, over time, the more extensive racing event across Europe and therefore the world will attract more rivals. they’re professional players, have a few years of driving experience on the track, and may control their cars perfectly. So, once you make alittle mistake, it’s an extended thanks to finish. How far are you able to go, when the extent of competition is consistently increasing?

Customize your cars

If you would like to shop for a car, visit “Shop”, and if you would like to upgrade or replace any components, visit the UPGRADE section within the lower-left corner of the screen. Here, you’ll upgrade the engine, nitro tank capacity, exhaust, wheels, and more. once they are at a better level, the car will operate with higher performance and this is often a premise to win the races.

The system provides information on 4 indicators of the vehicle: Power, Traction, Handling and Nitro. The instrument panel will show changes before and after replacement, or component upgrades. additionally , you’ll also change the colour , or decal stickers to possess a cool car.

Many famous car models

Rebel Racing is licensed by 18 of the world’s leading car brands. one among them is Ford, BMW, Pagani, Chevrolet, … does one just like the feeling of sitting on a Ford Mustang with designs from 1971 or the foremost modern model Ford GT produced in 2017 with sport style? This game will satisfy every player who loves racing when it’s a various car collection, with designs from classic to modern. don’t miss this excellent opportunity.

Graphics and effects

Many people think that simulation games are designed within the most detailed and delightful graphics. But maybe, they’re going to be hesitant to ascertain how hard Hutch’s team of designers worked to develop Rebel Racing. Models of cars, maps, weather, to the smaller details of dirt and weeds on the track are all polished and utilized in the proper colors.

In addition, the addition of audio recorded from reality will cause you to desire you’re sitting during a car and moving on the particular track.