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Free Shopping: You can freely shop and decorate your office without worrying about the price. The price of all items is 0.

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More than just an off-the-cuff entertainment game, Repair Master 3D gives me tons of data about popular household appliances and electronic components. But the great thing is, you'll even play this game proficiently even with none knowledge of them.

Repair Master 3D isn't overlarge (only about 50MB). It also doesn't require your device to be connected to the web . If you've got an online connection, you'll watch ads videos for a few benefits. the sport is straightforward , fun, gentle, help players entertain and reduce stress.

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About Repair Master 3D

There is no denying the convenience and usefulness that electronics bring us. However, electronics are very susceptible to errors and damage during use. In Repair Master 3D, Rollic Games developer’s fun 3D repair simulation game, you’re liable for repairing broken electronics for patrons . With the theme on the brink of lifestyle , it’s attracted an outsized number of players to participate (up to quite 5 million installations).


In Repair Master 3D, you’re a repair specialist specializing in electronic devices. Every day, tons of broken electronics come to your store. These may include broken screens, broken buttons, faulty game consoles, etc. In terms of errors, there are many differing types of errors. Of course, errors associated with the chip, RAM, AND circuit board are harder .

To help players easy to understand how this game works, the primary game will guide you intimately . for instance , Repair Master 3D introduces the steps to opening a tool , the way to get the broken components so as , and the way to exchange new components. And then, the player will need to repair, reassemble them and complete the challenge. However, you are doing not got to worry an excessive amount of about your electronics knowledge. you simply got to remove the parts shown on the screen, replace new components and reinstall them an equivalent way you open it.

The higher the extent , the upper the problem of the challenge. Not merely removing and installing, you furthermore may need to do more steps like spraying CPU thermal paste, cleaning the stains, cleaning the rust, … After repairing a particular device, players will receive cash. the cash also corresponds to the problem level. At an equivalent time, the system also will unlock more high-end devices, allowing to perform more complex tasks with higher performance.

How to control this game?

Repair Master 3D may be a typical minimalist controls game. The repair process is quick and straightforward to perform. Players simply tap and swipe the screen to disassemble components, press and hold to wash also as perform many other tasks.

Graphics and sound

Even though it’s an easy game, the planning of the objects really surprised me. From size, design, color to the interior components are all meticulously reproduced by the developers. Repair Master 3D gives players tons of interesting graphic experience, besides the standard entertainment. The melody is additionally very fun, combined with free gameplay, without heavy goals to assist players feel easier.

Decorate your office

As a repairman, you ought to know that workspace greatly affects your performance. A bright and delightful space will make the working mood better. When experiencing Repair Master 3D, players are going to be liberal to design a working room to their liking. you’ll decorate bookcases, desks, wall paint and more.

However, the things for the office are quite expensive and not too diverse. you’ll increase your income by watching an ads video, which can triple your bonus amount. Besides, using Tips Box is additionally not a nasty idea.