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Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

??? Rocket War is a fun and challenging puzzle game.???

You have the chance to throw rockets as you’ve never done before! Shoot the villains and knock them out! Solve the puzzling challenges. Have a look at your surroundings and take advantage of the weapons available to kill your enemies at the same time. Breakthrough the wall, dig into the ground, blow up the bomb, do whatever you can to have the enemies defeated.?

You have so many pocket guns to be revealed to use against villains, and you don’t want to miss out on any single level. Relieve your stress through Rocket War. Throw out some curvy rocket line at those people who annoy you most.

It’s certainly not easy, and you want to be tactical about how you will control your rocket at each challenging level. Are you ready for it? ?

???HOW TO PLAY:???
? Just move the joystick like how you would throw your rocket.
? Pick a rocket that fits you the most and throw the best line you can!
? Be tactical, so you can defeat your enemies at one time.
? Unlock more powerful rocket guns and skins after passing each challenging level.

? Use the joystick to fire & control the rocket.
? Defeat the bad guys.
? Simple but addicting mechanics.
? Customize your character with rocket guns and cool skins.
? Play and relax in Rocket War that will keep you entertained for hours!

Download Rocket War: Impostor Fight right now to rescue the pink and defeat the bad guys! ???