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About SD Maid Pro MOD APK version

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked: You can use the Pro version for free by downloading our APK file.

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SD Maid Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) is a powerful tool for you to manage and clean unwanted files.

About SD Maid Pro

During use, your device will constantly generate junk, log or redundant files. If they are not cleaned, the device will lose performance and the storage space will shrink. SD Maid Pro is an effective solution you have been looking for. Although you can also do this with Avast Antivirus, CC, if you want these jobs to perform faster, more effectively, you have no second choice.

A powerful cleaner tool for Android

SD Maid Pro owns a powerful analyzer. When you run this function, the system will make statistics about the used data, large files and redundant files, junk files. Soon after, you can delete them and free up memory with just one click.

For other applications, this process is quite risky because of the analysis and search are not really security. If you accidentally delete an important file, used to launch an application or a certain process in the device, you will be in big trouble. But with SD Maid Pro, that doesn’t happen, because it scans each type of file, searches for known locations and can often be deleted. Besides, experienced users can create a custom filter, to add files to the exception list, or the list to be cleaned.

Database optimization

During device manipulation, records and tables in the database can be created automatically. However, when not cleaned up, they may still exist and this significantly reduces the performance of the device, because the query takes more time to execute.

Fortunately, SD Maid Pro supports what one of the most popular system cleaners is CCleaner does not. It uses the “VACUUM” SQL statements while creating blank pages to safely clean up, without losing your data.

The tool in Pro version

SD Maid Pro includes all the features in the free version, and it adds features like ad-blocking and two app cleaning features, system cleaning.

You know, during use, you will install many other applications on your device. When the cache and junk files become bigger, the application start-up takes longer and sometimes crashes if you start many applications at the same time. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis, SD Maid Pro will do this for you with the Cron Job tool. You just need to set a schedule, the cleaner will run automatically to clean your device. Simple, but very useful right?

File manager

More than just a cleaning tool, you can manage your files right in SD Maid Pro. You can control the number of folders, files, used memory or free space on your device. From there, the application gives an overview, the most detailed.

One more thing, ES File Explorer is also a professional file manager with powerful tools to manipulate with files.

In addition, this file manager allows you to perform searches with many filters. you’ll search by name, content, creation time, last modified time, etc.

Control the operation of the device

With the appliance Driver feature, you’ll control what’s happening on your device. The applications and tasks are detailed, about the CPU and memory in use. If you notice, you’ve got turned them off but they’re still running within the background, you’ll freeze or force to cancel right here. Therefore, your device minimized the complete memory, crash and lag situation.

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