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Unlimited Money: You can shop, upgrade even when the money is 0.

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With unique and new gameplay, Truck’em All has attracted more than 1 million players on Google Play after a short time. If you are looking for a game for entertainment, this is the game APKDOWNLOAD.CC would recommend to you.

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If you’ve got dreams of becoming a teamster , transporting goods thousands of kilometers a day , Truck’em All MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is that the game for you.

About Truck’em All

Perhaps, you not feel unacquainted truck simulation games. There are dozens of such games on APKMODY, to call a couple of like Grand Truck Simulator 2, World Truck Driving Simulator, Truck Simulator USA. However, developer Leo Jia on Google Play has blown new wind during this category. They develop Truck’em beat a totally new direction, different from the previous truck simulation games. Specifically, let me determine through the article below.


Forget what you learned within the previous truck simulation games because Truck’em All features a “could not be simpler” controls. Touch anywhere on the screen to assist the truck drive forward. That’s all. Although you recognize that, to drive a truck, you would like to regulate it with many things like brakes, gas, turn signals, … However, this game doesn’t require you to find out those complicated things. the sport also has just one path, you furthermore may don’t need to worry about turning left, turning right, thinking if you’re on the proper route or not. Just touch the screen to urge the car to the finish. It’s simple, right?

However, you’ll wonder, so how are you able to lose during a game like that? When playing Truck’em All, your truck only features a specific amount of fuel. It runs out quickly whenever you touch the screen. If you run out of fuel and still haven’t brought the truck to the destination, you’ll not be ready to complete the extent .

The difficulty is continuously increased after you play about 5 levels. Your road has more steep sections, passes more hills, and your truck must carry more cargo. You even need to tow another wagon. Certain weather factors like snow, sand (as you travel through the desert) also affect your journey. Therefore, you would like to the touch the screen and release it correctly, observe use of physical factors like acceleration and inertia to save lots of fuel, help the truck complete the specified journey.

Unlock the new trucks

Besides upgrades, your money can assist you buy better trucks. Visit the Garage to ascertain what we have! There are 7 trucks within the store. they need strange names like RedBull, BlueGhost, MadSpike. With energy and engine indicators outperformed the default truck that Truck’em All gives you, you’ll need to spend tons of cash to unlock them.

The game allows you to undertake out a truck for free of charge before you opt to shop for it, but you’ve got to observe a billboard video. you’ll exploit this feature to beat some difficult levels with powerful cars within the Garage.

Impressive graphics, realistic physics

Despite its simple gameplay, Truck’em All doesn’t disappoint players in terms of visuals. The 3D graphics of the sport are extremely sharp and realistic. Objects within the environment like mountains, cars, trees, houses, and weather effects are all simulated intimately .

Upgrading the truck make it easy to finish the sport

If you think that you’ve done well, your truck still has got to finish their journey too early, it’s time to upgrade your truck. within the home screen, the sport gives you 3 things which will be upgraded, including fuel, engines and income. In which, fuel is that the most vital factor, helping you to elongate your journey. The engine power is what helps you go further with every touch. this is often also essential when your vehicle has got to tow tons of cargo.

Truck’em All features a feature that’s quite almost like idle games. As you upgrade Earning, you’ll earn more bonuses after each journey. this is often a prerequisite for you to upgrade the opposite two factors because if you don’t have money, you can’t do anything. Occasionally, you’ll encounter ads that allow you to upgrade for free of charge , but that’s not enough. If you’re financially rich, i feel you ought to upgrade your income as an investment which will assist you easily upgrade your truck later.