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Ultimate Ninja Blazing (MOD Infinite Chakra) – to the present day, perhaps manga (Japanese comics) has become an important a part of our lives. it’s not surprising that the country of cherry blossoms has reached the very best level of manga drawing and features a huge number of fans worldwide.

As one of the foremost charismatic manga titles, Naruto was quickly approached in many countries round the world. This manga released in 1999 and therefore the series led to 2014. However, it wasn’t until 3 years later that Naruto was completed and finished after 720 episodes. Shortly thereafter, Naruto quickly encroached on many other areas like anime, videogame, … With the character of an action-type manga, set in Japan during the Ninja period, this manga telling of the journey of Naruto on his thanks to becoming Hokage.

Naruto was transformed into tons of videogames like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, … Bandai Namco released tons of popular games on PC, but the amount of Naruto games that basically attracted on mobile is just too little. Today, I introduce you to a particularly interesting role-playing game named Ultimate Ninja Blazing. This game is free for both Android and iOS.


A logical tactical is that the key to winning Ultimate Ninja Blazing. the sport features a turn-based style so you’ll got to use your strategic mind to travel through the difficult levels. to start out the match, the player will need to choose three of the ninja in his collection.

The game features a new gameplay

When fixing a lineup, the battle will happen with the characters of the 2 factions being taken to the battlefield. Each ninja has their own strengths, weaknesses, and skills so you’ve got to use your strategic brains to bring out characters and appropriate positions to defeat the enemy. When the energy bar is full, activate the last word skill to wreck the enemy.

Meet the heroes of the 4th Ninja War

The game has many characters in Naruto manga

Ultimate Ninja Blazing may be a role-playing game follow the story. once you join the sport you’ll desire you’re watching the anime “Naruto Shippuden” (2018). Therefore, the sport possesses quite 100 characters from this anime like Naruto, Minato, Hinata, Pain, … However, you’ll not own it all once you join the sport . Spin the lucky spin to feature ninjas to your collection, join and complete the plot.

Some personal comments

Although adapted from the famous animated film, Ultimate Ninja Blazing song isn’t appreciated. The gameplay is nothing special and lacks depth. Naruto game belongs to the action game genre, so let the player freely control the character and show the talents . However, this game has turn-based gameplay so it can’t create an exciting feeling on the battlefield like other games.

Not only that, some extremely powerful magic banned within the anime but within the game proved quite useless and not helpful. the sport becomes bland when the facility is again measured by the quantity of cash you employ . The legendary ninjas are extremely powerful but extremely weak within the game and are considered useless, there aren’t too many outstanding things.


Ultimate Ninja Blazing is meant with extremely beautiful 3D graphics. Especially the talents of the characters aren’t inferior to the anime. The sound is extremely noticeable, the characters’ voices are all Japanese voices cut from the anime version. Therefore, the sport gives you the familiar memories of this anime.

Graphics of the sport are extremely beautiful and amazing


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