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✔ Wattpad Premium+ is now available in the following countries: US, Canada, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Costa Rica, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Chile, and Indonesia
✔ Read 2 Paid Stories of your choice every month with the Launch of Wattpad Premium+ subscription on Android
✔ Can't delete message from a purged user bug fixed

About MOD APK version Wattpad

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: All premium features are unlocked. You also don’t worry about ads popping up and bothering you.

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If you don’t want to observe movies or experience boring games in your spare time, relax with Wattpad and connect with the most important community of readers within the world.

- Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
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Wattpad MOD APK (Unlocked Premium) is one among the foremost popular books reading apps on mobiles and tablets. Download via the link below the article and install the app on your Android device today.

About Wattpad

Besides games, movies, books and stories also are a neighborhood of everyone’s spiritual life. In your free time, what’s better than read a completely unique or a comic? Wattpad gives you the convenience once you can carry an outsized inventory of books and stories miniature in your phone. You don’t need bulky and expensive paper books anymore.

The miniature bookcase on your phone

You can find any of your favorites on Wattpad. From detective stories, fiction, modern science, classical literature to non-public content. they’re neatly organized into categories, making it easier to filter and search.

Stories for K-Pop fan

Wattpad isn’t only a haunt for fans who love literature or novels like Twilight or Harry Potter, but it’s also a haunt for K-POP fans. Every day, stories about BTS, SNSD, and large BANG are still published and updated regularly. If you’re a lover of 1 of these idol groups, you’ll soon fall crazy with this amazing app.

What’s more, you’ll connect with authors to talk , while following and switch on notifications to urge the newest releases. Wattpad’s development team really cares about the requirements of our readers as an entire , instead of creating an app follow the trends, then let it fade with time.

Where you’ll boast your writing skills

As I said, Wattpad may be a content sharing community. Therefore, you’ll both read stories written by others, while writing and sharing your story with others.

I have been with Wattpad for quite while . At first, I had no idea what I wanted to write down . But because of what i buy from people, it stimulates my creativity and hands, to write down a couple of series. At first, i used to be also worried about someone leaving negative comments. But they gave honest comments in order that the author can edit during a positive way. And you? does one have stories able to share?

The big content sharing community

Wattpad is that the world’s leading major literary and content platform. There, there are nearly 80 million readers, with many writers worldwide. People can share content and interact with one another , a bit like a social networking site, but only targeting a particular topic.

And first, to hitch this community, you would like to make yourself an account. The system will suggest popular and relevant topics and authors. You follow them, and their posts and stories will appear on the message board. you’ll leave a couple of comments or a vote to favor the author.

I think this quite interesting because Wattpad can connect people with similar interests together. you’re being given the prospect to be a neighborhood of this community!

Inspirational stories

Wattpad may be a sharing place for nearly any content, including both published and unpublished content. Some stories are adapted into famous movies, like The Kissing Booth, Light as a Feather or the After series that wont to lead in readership and appeared within the popular ny Times. What might be more interesting than experiencing these classics right your phone for free?


You can use one Wattpad account to log in across multiple devices. But you ought to activate sync mode to save lots of data and activity history in order that you’ll easily look for stories or books that you simply have read.

This feature is sort of useful, many people use it a day , and that they can still experience the unfinished story on the online browser, phone or tablet anywhere.